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Budda Scented Wood & Labradorite Wrap Bracelet

by Gosia, Hong Kong
Rs. 5,175.00
  • Double wrap bracelet with adjustable clasp
  • Cotton colourful tassels
  • Metal Color: Silver
  • Handmade in Hong Kong
  • Features OM Round Charms, Labradorite Stones and Scented Wood
If banishing bad energies has been on your mind, you've come to the right place. This bracelet that happens to wrap twice around your wrist is made of 925 Sterling Silver OM Round Charms and Labradorite Stones. Labradorite, while possessing it’s own charms, is also part Feldspar and part Albite, thus giving off vibes that aid in strength, perseverance and enhanced inner intuition. Keep this one close to keep bad times at bay!