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Ilyapa Hematite Magnolia Tassel Necklace

by Gosia, Hong Kong
Rs. 4,370.00
  • Necklace is 42 cm long excluding tassels
  • Brownish cotton/silk tassels
  • Handmade in Hong Kong
  • Features Hematite Beads
A mala necklace with tassels in gorgeous silken hues is exactly what you need to wing your last minute outfit. Where most necklaces need to be mixed and accessories need to be matched, this one will take all the stress out of your hand. Other than its versatility, this pretty thing also boasts of polished Hematite beads which are known to emit an earthly energy. Bring it home for stability and prosperity.


Simran Kumar

The fact that the jewelry comes from different parts of the world is what makes Tanzire special than the rest

Shalini Sharma

Best collection of jewelry and best people ❤️ Finally found a store droolworthy enough to bring me back again and again. I am simply obessed now.

Rachel Andrews

I love Tanzire’s collection, there are so many unique and different designs, it’s amazing!