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Lava & Mala Tassel Necklace

by Gosia, Hong Kong
Rs. 5,900.00
  • Necklace is 59 cm long
  • Lavender cotton/silk tassels
  • Handmade in Hong Kong
  • Features Lava Beads, Rudraksha Beads, Labradorite Beads and Amethyst Round Stone
  • Lava Beads is capable of absorbing essential oils
Lilac, a rich sophisticated hue from the English and European regions is one of the highlights of this necklace. The Amethyst Round Stones stimulate and soothe with their high, sweet energy. On the other hand, adorning the necklace also are Lava, Rudraksha and Labradorite beads. You can rub a drop of essential oil on the lava beads for continued fragrance and relief from specifics.