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5 Best Bridesmaid Jewelry Matching With Trending Bachelorette Party Ideas

'Cause every mood has its match!
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TBH, when your BFF/sister/soul-sister/bae, and possibly all the other millennial words for your main girl, is getting married, throwing an awesome bachelorette is a little more exciting than attending the fairytale-ish wedding. Don’t you just look forward to having a blast and celebrating the final single-hood days? It’s an unwinding time, where we all wanna look our best!

The times have changed and so has the ways of celebrating the countdown days for the wedding. It’s no more limited to the traditional unforgettable-one-night-celebration and has broadened its horizon with multiple other options. From an unwinding retreat in a beach to a wild getaway, the girl tribe is in for a variety of ways. And, every mood, every plan, calls for a different look. But how do you make it different? We’d say – allow your jewelry to take the lead.

Choose a piece that shouts fun and glamour and strips off the word boring (you know what we did there. As you plan the perfect destination and perfect night for your main girl, let us navigate you through the best jewelry options. Below, we’ve assorted jewelry based on the 7 most trending bachelorette party ideas that will fit into your mood and get the party started. 

Take a look:

1. Pearl Necklaces for the Vacay


Walking down the streets of a cozy city or chilling by the beach with your tribe – if you’ve planned to take your bride-to-be for a weekend getaway, pearls are your stylish companion for the relaxed yet chic look. Throw it on with your florals or basics with open necklines and enjoy every moment of fun and bonding sessions turn into ‘gram-worthy pictures.  


2. Metallic and Golden for ‘The Party’



For the crazy, wild, unapologetic, we’re-gonna-loosen-it-up-before-the-cold-feet-day, traditional bar/lounge party, you gotta pair your glittery, sexy, don’t-give-a-damn outfit with the something statement-y. And, nothing speaks more of that than the evergreen metallic and golden-colored jewelry. As you dance and get tipsy on the music and trippy on the laser lights, they’ll add the contemporary edge to the memorable night.

3. Dreamy Druzy Rings For The Classy Aqua Party


Every time is a good time to channel your inner Anna Wintour. Break the monotony of traditional clubbing and go for a classy sail-away in a yacht or a peaceful beach bachelorette party. Matching the sea-side mood will be the sparkly druzy stone rings that’ll make the bridesmaid-raising-a-toast moment look gorgeous and swanky AF.

4. Layered Love For Sassy-Glam-Squad Mood


When you and your squad decide to be your glam-best and plan to wear the sexiest outfit that beautifully shows off your decolletage, let layered necklaces accompany you in that journey. A plunging sleek gown or a low-buttoned blazer, layered necklaces will make every hangover-giving moment ultra-glamorous.

5. Big, Bold, Dramatic Earrings For Every Mood


Vacation, stay-cation, clubbing, or tea-parties, there is no occasion that can’t be beautified with a stunning pair of bold and dramatic earrings. After all, isn’t bachelorette all about adding the missing extra from the daily grind to the celebration?


What are you waiting for, bridesmaids? Shop these beauties now! Also, did we tell you there’s free shipping on your first order?

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