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Tanzire showcases contemporary and unique demi-fine jewelry handcrafted by individual women artisans from nooks and corners of the world.

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Having traveled the world and witnessed its varied eccentric jewelry cultures, Suhani Batwara, founder of Tanzire, was struck with the idea of creating a platform where she could bring cross-cultural experience through the art of jewelry.







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What artisans say about us

Maria, Hondurus

I am in love with the beauty of water and all that it represents. From the oceans to seas to the life brimming underwater, it all mesmerizes me and inspires my minimalist jewelry collection.

Rebecca, Morocco

Inspired by the desert, I bring a traditional raw craft into new contemporary forms and use the conventional Saharan brass casting techniques to craft my jewelry.

Jinal Chowksi, India

From the natural stones championing tropical colors to the beads inspired by the mythological era, I infuse traditional Indian aesthetics into my contemporary jewelry designs.

Sijia Yu, Paris

I love to create avant-garde, minimal timeless pieces that perfectly suit the everyday sophistication of modern women.