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5 Best Ways To Mix Traditional Outfits and Contemporary Jewelry for Diwali

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The five-day festival of Diwali has begun in its full zest! And, so has the preparation to find answers to, “What will I wear?” If googling, “Out-of-the-world, never-tried, Diwali looks ideas” hasn’t helped you till now, we’re here with our magic wand to sprinkle advice all over your bewildered state of mind.

If you’ve been following us, you know that Tanzire is all about bringing the cultures of the world together. Boundaries are blurred in our world. #MyCrossoverDiwali is gonna be our fashion-game mantra throughout this festival and we’d love for you to be a part of it as well. And, if you’re looking for a break from the tried-and-tested-and-repeated Diwali looks, you’re in for a delicious treat. 


We bring together 5 #MyCrossoverDiwali looks, which juxtapose the 5 different Indian outfits with our contemporary jewelry from different parts of the world. Ready to jazz it up? Scroll through:


      1. Subtlety for The Sharara Shenanigans


Sharara and Contemporary Jewelry Diwali Look

Is Sharara in your Diwali to-wear list? Accessorize with minimal, dainty, and elegant pieces of jewelry. In the look: Our zirconia studded 18k gold plated cuff bracelet from Spain and 24k gold plated pearl-blooming ring from Honduras perfectly matching with the ethereal and breezy vibes of the outfit. As the flair that a pair of sharara pants carry is a statement on its own, balance it with minimal pieces of contemporary jewelry.


      2. Low-key Glam for Traditional Anarkali Lover


Anarkali Suit and Gold Plated Stud Earrings Contemporary Diwali Look

In this look: Finely handcrafted 24k gold plated stud earrings from Honduras with a heavy-worked Anarkali suit. What do they result as? PHAT - Pretty, Hot, and Amazingly Traditional! Gold middle-sized stud earrings always have the power to upscale any look with nonchalant elegance. And, when it’s a festival like Diwali, it totally lights up the look!


      3. Playfulness for The Feminine Lehenga


Feminine Lehenga and Contemporary Choker and Ring Diwali Look

When the subtle-bubble pink is mixed with a dab of gold, there’s an explosion of sexy playfulness! In this lool: Our sweet and spicy 18k gold plated heart choker necklace from Italy is adding all-things-fun to the feminine girl-next-door-apt pastel lehenga. Completing the look with our hammer-texturing gold and silver plated stackable rings from Vietnam. Lock the look for a fun Diwali poker night!


      4. Abstract Route for The Bold, Beautiful and Ever-Sexy Saree


Pleated Saree and Contemporary Minimal Silver Jewelry Diwali Look

Different silhouettes, different drapes, different styles, a saree is a single piece of garment that flows into any form while maintaining its super-sexy feels! Seriously, #SareeNotSorry! In this look: Sleek and minimal pair of abstract 925 sterling earrings from Vietnam with a modernly draped sleek saree. Finishing the look with elan is a barely-there-yet-significant handmade bracelet from Vietnam.


      5. Western Drama For The Dazzling Desi Dhoti Look


Dhoti Pants and Contemporary Gold Plated Hoops Ti Amo Ring

Diwali is all about celebrating life with family and friends in full zeitgeist, which surely includes busting dance moves at any moment. Presenting to you Diwali-dance-party ready look. This look mixes the two poles-apart worlds beautifully. Classic 18k gold plated western hoops from Spain and Ti Amo engraved 18k gold plated ring from Italy with a minimal desi dhoti-pants look.


These were are modern, comfy yet super glam Diwali fusion looks. We’ve had the best time mixing Indian tradition with fashion aesthetics of different parts of the world. This Diwali, blend your traditional look with our worldly contemporary jewelry and enjoy a dazzling crossover look. Do share your looks with us! We’d love to see how you revamped your traditional Diwali look with contemporary Tanzire jewelry.

Happy Diwali, everyone <3

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