Affordable Handmade Jewelry For The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Affordable Handmade Jewelry For The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Navigating your way through December is undoubtedly fun but can also prove to be stressful if you don’t have a plan. And by plan, we mean a trunk full of Christmas gifts to give your loved ones because let’s be honest, gifts > reunions, right? Now the thing about the holiday season is, of course, the inevitable declaration of bankruptcy thanks to the endless list of presents. And something like jewelry (high quality non-negotiable) is obviously not the most affordable choice. That’s why, we at Tanzire have curated guides for you that just so happen to be in your budget. So scroll on to find the perfect handmade gift for your loved one to give the holidays this year a special touch! 

Gifts under INR 3,000/- 

Feminine? Masculine? Androgenous? A statement coin pendant goes beyond any and all gender boundaries and is perfect for literally anyone. 

Julius Caesar Gold Plated Lexi Pendant by Anatina, India


Find your girlfriend complaining about your inability to be cheesy? Here’s one heck of a way to make her day. 

Ti Amo and Ti Odio Gold Hoop Earrings by Ilaria, Italy


Got someone in your life you just don’t know how to say thanks to? Consider this evil eye ring as the perfect Thanksgiving gift because it really does not get better than hoping for someone to never come in touch with evil. 

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Stackable Ring by Gosia, Hong Kong


For that free-spirited, bohemian friend, aunt or cousin who loves loud jewelry, this bracelet will guarantee you a bear hug! 

Pearl Encrusted Mandara Bracelet by Iha, India


Gifts under INR 6,000/- 

There will always be someone in your circle obsessed with everything-zodiac. So, need we say more on why this could make for the best Christmas gift?


Sagittarius Swarovski Zodiac Necklace by Imjika, France


Ah! The life of any party, the base of any stack, the go-to for pretty much everything, have you ever heard of hoops facing rejection? Nope, neither have we. Only cheery ‘ahas’! 



A studded ring with a flirty design like that for your gal pals that love lavish-looking jewelry. 


Zirconia Studded Gold Plated Coil Ring by PD Paola, Spain


When in doubt, always trust your gut (or don’t) and go with the classics. They fall under that category because everyone loves them! 


Basic Gold-Plated Broad Cuff Bracelet by Maramz, Spain


And if you’ve reached this point, we’d suggest you browse through our holiday gift guide right here for some more hidden gems! 

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