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Italy to India - How is Tanzire Blurring Boundaries Through Jewelry?

To be able to whiff off a country’s fashion, cultural, lifestyle aesthetics without having to be physically present in that place is pretty magical. One of the core foundations for Tanzire’s conception, hence, was to let women from around the world experience this magic through jewelry. The thought led to execution and here we are - housing contemporary handmade jewelry from 13 women artisans from 10 different countries. 

Each piece of jewelry speaks a different language, fine-tuned by artisan’s individual vision, experiences, inspirations, which is further wrapped in its country’s traditional or contemporary or a mix of both aesthetics. Handmade jewelry from a different country makes us - Tanzire and Tanzire Women feel like a part of that country. It brings a sense of belongingness and attachment along with it. Let’s take a closer look at our collaborations with handmade designers from different countries and learn more about what have they brought into the world of Tanzire. Every piece manifests the creation of a new world for today’s women: brave, genuine and sophisticated.

1. Spain

The vacay-favorite, casual-looking Western European country - Spain actually champions a very crisp and tip-top sense of style. And, thanks to Maramz by Marian Zaragoza from Madrid and PD Paola by Paola Sasplugas from Barcelona for introducing us to that unpopular opinion of the country. When it comes to fashion, Spanish people are always-well-dressed, always-classy, and always-crisp. It’s the #1 trend that the country follows. And both the artisans inculcate these core fashion aesthetics of the country into their design. Celebrate Spain with the elegant, feminine, and contemporary pieces of jewelry available on our website. 

18k gold plated diagonal ring, handmade in Madrid 18k gold plated drum roll dangle earrings, handmade in Madrid 18k gold plated link chain detachable earrings, handmade in Barcelona multi stone studded letter 'A' pendant chain, handmade in Barcelona


2. Greece

Fashion in this Eastern Europe country finds a balance between traditions and contemporary sense of style. It’s subtle yet carrying the sensuality and boldness of the Greeks. Handmade designer Eva Karkaletsi from Athens brings this essence of Greece mixed with her bohemian sense of style into the Tanzire world. Her pieces of jewelry from ANNU are traditionally raw and sensually designed with modern abstract designs. 

layered steel chain necklace, handmade in Athens link chain pyrite rock bracelet, handmade in Athens steel dangle earrings, handmade in Athens gold plated steel hoop earrings with brass chain passing through the center, handmade in Athens


3. Indonesia

You’d feel like you’ve hit the beach by just owning the pieces by Natalia from Bali, Indonesia. Just like Bali’s lenient fashion code, Molina Jewellery features pieces that’ll remind of the country’s sun-kissed beaches. Be it the detailed textures on the hoops or using conch shells as raw materials, Natalia infuses Bali’s everyday-is-a-vacation vibe into her jewelry. We’d be lying if we didn’t agree that Molina teleports us to the refreshing, relaxing side by the beach just with its visual aesthetics.

925 sterling silver ring zelda stackable ring with dots on the surface, handmade in Bali model wearing 925 Sterling silver hammer textured maya chokers, handmade in Bali woman wearing 925 sterling silver natural pearl necklace, handmade in Bali 14k gold plated hammer-textured big hoop earrings, handmade in Bali


4. Italy

Everything that you’ve known about Italy -  from its exemplary fashion game to the fashion sensibilities of the Italian avant-garde, is incorporated into wearable pieces of art through Ilaria Ludovici Jewelry by Ilaria Ludovici from Rome. Her pieces exude the fashion + rebel + playful vibes of Italy. They are chic, they are glamorous, and they are so, so, so fashion-forward. Experience the famous exquisite handwork of Italy as you wear Ilaria’s stand-out pieces of contemporary jewelry, available exclusively on Tanzire.

925 sterling silver textured peanut ring, handmade in Italy 18k gold plated heart layered choker necklace, handmade in Italy Reverse stone studded hearts cuff bracelet, handmade in Italy Te Amo engraved statement-making 18k gold plated ring, handmade in Italy


5. India

Just like India’s diverse cultures, our 4 brands from India bring myriad sides of the country to Tanzire. On one hand, Jinal Chowksi’s My Meera Store from Ahmedabad and Garima Singh’s Iha from Delhi add the ancient and traditional touch of India with their stones, beads, and thread & rope jewelry. On the other hand, Sonika’s Neti Neti from Delhi and Aarushi’s Studio Kassa from Jaipur add the contemporary, modern, and forward-moving side of India. Both their jewelry is extremely unique and takes inspiration from nature. While Neti Neti uses broken barks and wasted wood, Kassa exhibits India’s detail-to-craftsmanship through its fine use of textures and ancient techniques.

Druzy stone and crystal layering pendant chain, handmade in Ahmedabad, India rope-like multi-layered thread knotted green necklace Cuttlebone-inspired texture featuring unique earrings, handmade in Jaipur ash wood brown ring with 925 sterling silver base, handmade in New Delhi


6. Honduras

Collaborating with designers from countries that are relatively less popular has been something we look forward to most. Our collaboration with Maria Echeverri, from Central America’s Honduras, is one such amazing experience. To know and understand the art and craft of Honduras through her jewelry is just magnificent. Each of her pieces represents Honduras's undiscovered under-water beauty and brings them alive via beautiful textures and coral-like shapes. As it unravels the unknown about the country she also infuses fluidity of the aquatic life into her collection.

24k gold plated textured stud earrings, handmade in Honduras 925 sterling silver blooming flower like simple stud earrings, handmade in Honduras 24k gold plated statement-making textured ring, handmade in Honduras Natural river pearl collar necklace, handmade in Honduras


7. Vietnam

Even though Vietnam is seeing rapid modernization, what’s inspiring is that every Vietnamese ensures to move forward while keeping their old values and traditions intact. Handmade designer Jasmine Lam infuses this beautiful culture of the country into her brand Lamcy, which houses contemporary jewelry amalgamated with a hint of tradition. All of her pieces from link chain jewelry to statement earrings are modern in design with traditional crafting techniques behind them.

925 sterling silver foiled bamboo cable ring, handmade in Vietnam 925 sterling silver squares-linked choker necklace, handmade in Vietnam set of 4 silver and gold plated hammer textured stackable rings, handmade in Vietnam elongated link chain 24k gold plated necklace, handmade in Vietnam


8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and diverse cultures residing in one place, hence our handmade store Gosia Orlowska Designs by Gosia Orlowska brings the luxe and multi-cultural part of the city. Druzy stones on a gold plated surface or bringing together silk tassel earrings and 18k gold plated metal, her pieces give make us a part of the affluent lifestyle of Hong Kong. 

acadia onyx magnolia black druzy ring with 24k gold plating, handmade in Hong Kong powder pink silk tassel thread earrings with 24 k gold plated base, handmade in Hong Kong basic crown chakra pendant chain, handmade in Hong Kong pink quartz and beads layered bracelet, handmade in Hong Kong


9. Morocco

Morocco as a country enjoys rich and diverse cultures that come across beautifully through their lifestyle and fashion aesthetics. A lot of today’s creations show that the country still holds diversity from its history - from Arabic to European, the streets, the infrastructure, and art reflect the influence. Our handmade designer Rebecca from Marrakech, owner of Hamimi, infuses the vibrant and bohemian aesthetics of Morocco into her pieces of jewelry that totally light up the Tanzire world with a delightful Moroccan vibe.

Nickel-free crescent hoop earrings with raised dots on surface, handmade in Morocco white bone charm brass bracelet, handmade in Morocco conical statement-making bracelet, handmade in Morocco white bone charm dangle brass ear wire earrings, handmade in Morocco


10. Thailand

Handmade jewelry that locks you in the mists of time. La Jewelry from Thailand is all about featuring jewelry inspired and made from droplets. Handmade designer Sasivimol Chaidaroon is mesmerized by the unparalleled beauty of droplets - rainfall drops or dewdrops resting on leaves, and have converted them into wearable art. While the collection is naturally mystical, it also lets you take a dip into the tropical islands of Thailand by just its appearance. The freshness, the unwinding state-of-mind will take you on a virtual-vacation-tour to the mystical island of Thailand.

glass and sterling silver eden green sphere droplet stud-dangle earrings, handmade in Thailand asymmetric stud and dangle white droplet earrings, handmade in Thailand white and gold combination droplet stud earrings, handmade in Thailand Droplet sphere inlet 925 sterling silver hoop earrings, handmade in Thailand


There is a sense of authenticity in our curated handmade jewelry as it’s crafted by artisans residing in that particular country. A country’s culture, lifestyle, and aesthetics naturally flow into their collection and make the pieces rare, unique, and special. Explore these beautifully crafted meaningful minimal demi-fine jewelry on our webstore

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