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Which London Fashion Week 2019 Jewelry Style Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

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Another round of witnessing impeccable fashion has wrapped up with London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 coming to an end. From the streets to the runways, London was ablaze with some head-turning moments. While the absence of a lot of veteran and schedule regulars could be felt, the growing designers and brands justified and compensated for the London Fashion Week “hype”.

The collections, the mood, the jewelry followed the pathway of minimalism. And, with no guesses, we have an ear-to-ear smile! (It’s our favorite, now and forever). The jewelry, on and off the runway, was fuss-free but didn’t have itself covered with a blanket of boredom at all. There were chain and link necklaces, vintage hoops, crystals embedded sets, golden huggies, layering necklaces, colorful stones, and what not!

Now, in the season of fashion weeks, going through so many pictures and collections and bookmarking the STYLE for you can be daunting. We Feel You. So, we’ve done the task for you and in fact, narrowed down the best jewelry trends from LFW Spring/Summer 2020 based on zodiac signs.

Scroll through and check which jewelry style is made for your zodiac sign.


On The Runway

Aries: Bold, Experimental, and Fierce

Just like the bold and bright Aries, who loves to experiment, designer David Koma’s jewelry choice for his collection was edgy and experimental. He merged his fiery, monochrome outfits with subtle dangle earring. Yes, the single earring trend that we’ve been rooting for at Tanzire! For the fashion-forward and cool personality that you possess, the single earring trend is perfect. It’ll exude your courage to experiment.


        model wearing single silver earring                    Model wearing single earring

          Courtesy: vogue.com


Gemini: Vibrant and Risk-taker

You’re a vibrant personality with a risk-taking ability, Gemini! And, whose collection showcased the same traits as yours? It was designer Marques Almeida’s! You, who do not believe in sticking with a signature style and are in constant search for something new, Almeida’s colorful aesthetics from the show is apt for you. While the outfits


          Curb link chain necklace at LFWSS20                    Statement-making Stone-studded Stud Earrings

          Courtesy: new york times


Cancer: Feminine and Classy

The tailored-fashion maestro Victoria Beckham put up a classy, classic, and minimal show, just how you like it, Cancer. From the clothes to the mood of the entire show was feminine. The singer-turned-designer festooned her collection with the victorian long stone pendant necklaces, which is the perfect look to enhance the innate femininity of a Cancer woman.


          Model wearing long gold pendant chain                     Model wearing minimal pendant long chain

          Courtesy: vogue.com


Virgo: Creatively Different

“I am strong and confident and I’d like to flaunt these traits with an uncompromising creative style.” Well, designer Sharon Wachaub’s LFW Spring/Summer 2020 collection ran on the same mantra. The muted-color corporate outfits and classic-color party gowns were accessorized with statement choker necklaces. Here’s your cue for the upcoming fall and party season, Virgo!


          Model wearing artistic choker at LFWSS20                    Model wearing tribal choker necklace at LFWSS20

           Courtesy: vogue.com


Sagittarius: Colors and Quirk

The ever-optimism, outgoing, fun-loving personality like yours deserves nothing but accessories that celebrate this king-size life attitude. Designer Ports 1961 added similar zest to his range of pattern and printed outfits with colorful jewelry sets. Go ahead, and up your swagger with the rainbow-colored accessories!


          Model wearing colorful link chain necklace and earrings set                    Model wearing vibrant lock pendant link chain necklace and earrings set

          Courtesy: Upcoming.com


Capricorn: Sincere and Sophisticated

Burberry’s minimal, chic, tailored, and the classy show was meant for the elegant, intellectual, and sophisticated you, Capricorn. Minimal studs with pearl drop-down, stud-dangle earrings, and contemporary-vintage necklace sets complemented well with the keep-it-classy-and-classic show. The neutral, muted, and chicest style is definitely for you.


          Model wearing pearl pendant gold necklace at LFWSS20                    Model wearing dainty necklace and earrings set at LFWSS20

          Courtesy: vogue.com


Pisces: Old School with Twist

The world sees only one side of you - soft and dainty. However, there’s a whimsical side in you that adds the vintage values of yours. Roberta Einer, in his back-to-80s-and-90s show, mixed the future fanatic with vintage vibes. Time to adapt to this style and enhance your playful side with oversized, shimmery hoops, Pisces!


          Model wearing vintage-inspired colorful hoops                    Model wearing vintage-inspired crystal earrings


Off The Runway

Taurus: Chic with Spunk

You’re a passionate fashion-forward personality that loves comfort. At the LFW 2019 street style, we saw quite a lot pulling off your desire of adding a twist to classics. Contemporary-with-traditional-aesthetics choker necklaces and classic pearls will do the job to embrace your chic personality.

          Street Style: Long Pearl Dangling Earrings                    LFWSS20 Street Style: Classic choker necklace

          Courtesy: elle.com


Leo: Positive and Luxe

The lion-like king life of luxuries mixed with positive vibes is what you breathe in and out, Leo. How to exude that in your style? Take a cue from these style gurus. Classic hoops of different sizes bring in rich aesthetics and lift up any look!

          Street Style: Shining Gold Hoops and Link Chain Necklace                    Street Style: Classic Gold Hoops

          Courtesy: elle.com


Libra: Mixing and Balancing

Not less, not more, just apt! For Librans, having everything in the right amount is a must. And, the layering trend promotes that the best. In fact, the London Fashion Week 2019 street style was covered mostly with layering. Show off the world with your skill of mixing and wearing different rings, and necklaces while balancing the art of fashion.


          Street Style: Pearl earrings, minimal layered gold pendant chains, and boho rings                    Street Style LFWSS20: Layered Gold Pendant Chains

          Courtesy: refinery29.com/elle.com


Scorpio: Sugar and Spice

You’re moody and mysterious, Scorpio. Taking away one style would be difficult for you, isn’t it? So, just like the fashion masters, keep your jewelry box filled with pieces that define your different moods. Some crazy, big hoops for the chirpy days and some statement-making dark pieces for the spicy days.


          Street Style: Classic Large Hoop Earrings                    Street Style: Stone Studded Black Earrings

          Courtesy: independent.co.uk/elle.com


Aquarius: Subtle Statement

You’re the most fun non-conformist. And, your fashion aesthetics aren’t far from that either. You don’t like going by the rules and wear what feels right to you and not to the stereotypical society. Colorful stones with serious pantsuits or a formal pair of stud earrings with an LBD, you like speaking your mind and the subtle statement like these, ladies, is a perfect way!


          Street Style: Dual Tone Playful Stone Stud-Dangler Earrings                    Street Style: Minimal Pearl Necklace and Large Stud Earrings

          Courtesy: independent.co.uk/Evening Standard


On another note, we’d like to mention the stand-out look for us. And, it was from the iconic model, Naomi Campbell. The sheer gown paired with the layered stone necklace was just WOW!

Naomi Campbell wearing diamond layered necklace and bracelet and long gold pendant chain at LFWSS20

Courtesy: foxnew.com


P.S. Take Away: Single Earring Trend (On and Off the runway)

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Here’s a round-up of the London Fashion Week 2019, folks. Let us know your views in the comments below. <3



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