Sex Education Also Taught Us That Demi-Fine Jewelry Is The New ‘It’ Jewelry

Sex Education Also Taught Us That Demi-Fine Jewelry Is The New ‘It’ Jewelry

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Yes, currently the only thing the Internet can talk about is Squid Game. But can we rewind to a couple weeks back when everyone was hooked onto the newest season of Sex Education? The show seemed promising from the very first episode and thankfully didn’t disappoint even a slightest bit! But for now, we’re not going to talk about how great the storyline was, rather a trait that may have been overshadowed and needs to be talked about more. From the title, you already guessed where this is headed! So let’s get straight to the point — were you or were you not in love with the jewelry choices in Sex Education? We certainly were! 

Did you notice how well the cast embraced the growing demi-fine jewelry trend? Across all age-groups, with all kinds of outfits and for a host of occasions, demi-fine jewelry took centerstage in Sex Education. Ahead, we round up some of the best jewelry moments of the show and similar picks for you to cop. Happy reading, happy shopping! 


You can always trust dainty sets to light up an outfit

Jean Milburn, the coolest sex and relationship therapist, has a really refined taste in jewelry. From the very beginning, Jean always relied on dainty sets to complete her looks. One of her standout choices was this pair below: gold hoops and chain link necklace with a stone pendant. Feminine and graceful! 


White woman wearing a small gold hoops and chain link necklace


Similar picks:


Gold Plated Zircon Pendant Necklace

Gold Plated Zircon Pendant Necklace by Maramz, Spain


Hammered Brass Ear Huggies

Hammered Brass Ear Huggies by Yala, Kenya


Hoops and coined layers for days

Maeve Wiley is known for her infamous gothic aesthetic that she mixes effortlessly with a chic stack around her neck. Her minimal, flat pendant necklaces with a classic pair of gold plated hoops set her apart becoming a defining part of her identity. The style lesson to learn from her is that even simple demi-fine jewelry, when curated carefully, can really make you and your outfit pop!


College girl in a black outfit wearing layered necklaces, nose ring and gold hoops


Similar picks:


18k Gold-Plated Polar Star Coin Pendant

18k Gold-Plated Polar Star Coin Pendant by Maramz, Spain


Modern Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings

Modern Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings by Maramz, Spain



Statement pendants and link chains will always be cool

While minimal jewelry has a charm of its own, teaming multiple statement jewels and making it work is a work of art in itself. And nobody does it better than Aimee Gibbs. Sex Education saw Aimee experiment with her jewelry picks throughout, but the most impactful look is the one below. Her staple cat pendant necklace that she paired with a chunky chain link necklace and a dainty one. So, do like Aimee and don’t be afraid to experiment!


Girl in a pink sweatshirt and coat wearing statement gold necklaces with a cat pendant


Similar Picks:


Amour De Paris Choker Necklace

Amour De Paris Choker Necklace by INXSKY, France


Classy pendant necklaces for him 

Adam Groff may have been the goofiest of the lot but he knew how to harness the power of minimal, gold plated jewelry to his favour. Case in point: his go-to coin necklace that he wore during most of his screen time at the beginning of the show and looked hella’ hot. The best example of how gender-fluid demi-fine jewelry actually is. 


Boy in a denim hoodie wearing a minimal gold pendant necklace


Similar Pick:


18k Gold-Plated Penelope Pendant

18k Gold-Plated Penelope Pendant by Maramz, Spain



A gold glossy bracelet goes with everything

You may hate Hope Haddon with everything you’ve got but you gotta’ admit, she knows how to dress elegantly and take that elegance up a notch with her versatile demi-fine picks. While classic small and large hoops made cameos in most of her outfits, she often also played around with feminine gold plated bracelets. Take her twisted bangle as an exhibit.


Woman in a maroon blouse wearing a classic gold plated bracelet


Similar Pick:


18k Gold Plated Adjustable Bracelet

18k Gold Plated Adjustable Bracelet by Maramz, Spain



Initial pendant necklaces for a personalised touch

Not into personalised, initial-based jewelry? Let Ruby Matthews show you the coolness you’re missing out on. Her glossy gold hoops stayed with her throughout the show but she alternated her necklaces between minimal and maximal pieces. Our favourite, however, was her initial necklace with the letter R. Really kind of showed off her badass-ness but in a graceful way!


Girl in a floral dress wearing initial necklace and large gold hoops


Similar Pick:


Multi Stone Letter ‘R’ Pendant

Multi Stone Letter ‘R’ Pendant by PD Paola, Spain


Hands up for the prettiest snake chains

Eric Effiong’s mum, Beatrice, often oscillated from demi-fine tri-hoops to delicate chains and bracelets. But she really made a statement with layered snake chain necklaces in the episode where her family was having their picture taken. Her look, however bold, did not cloak the magic of snake chains. So in case you were dicey about investing in this particular accessory, you can safely go ahead and make the purchase! You will most definitely shine in it.


Woman in an orange dress and hat wearing a snake chain necklace


Similar Pick:


Gold Herringbone Snake Chain Necklace

Gold Herringbone Snake Chain Necklace by AJ & Co., Australia


Sex Education really pulled the spotlight on some of the most important things in life like open communication, meaningful relationships, safe sexual practices and demi-fine jewelry! Yes, you can giggle at that. But jokes apart, we cannot wait to see what the next season has in store for us and how the jewelry game evolves.

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