Tanzire Artisans On How Your Retail Therapy Was Their 2021 Pick-Me-Up

Tanzire Artisans On How Your Retail Therapy Was Their 2021 Pick-Me-Up

2021 was supposed to be the year where everyone entered a utopia. What happened, instead? Lockdowns extended, the pandemic anxiety doubled and for many small-scale entrepreneurs, this angst was coupled with the worry of sustaining their businesses. But the one good thing the pandemic brought about was a preferential shift in retail therapy. Everyone was now consciously and happily supporting small businesses, engaging and interacting with them for all the right reasons. The same was the case with the designers of Tanzire as well! 

As we approach the end of 2021, we asked our designers how #TheTanzireClub helped them continue designing demi-fine jewelry in yet another Covid-riddled year. 

Here’s what they said.. 

Rudrali Gupta of Kaoaph, India 

Growth has been quite a journey with Tanzire, especially during the pandemic. Whenever somebody purchases our products through Tanzire, it gives us and our craft a sense of independence and appreciation, and immense motivation to drive the brand forward! 




Austin & Jane of AJ&Co, Australia 

Since we started AJ&Co., we’ve received so much love from the people in and around Australia. 6 months into the business, we got approached by Tanzire and it truly changed the course of our business. Every purchase provides us with the financial and artistic freedom to create everyday jewelry for women that they will adore and don from day to night.


AJ&Co, Australia


Rosalice D’Melo of Rose D’Melo Jewelry, Brazil

With my collection, brand, and every piece of jewelry, I intent to tell a story. And the story continues when you buy a piece of jewelry from our brand - you become a part of this story. And I believe this is the most powerful weapon we all have - echoing each other’s story. We collaborated with Tanzire and little did we know that this would be our best collaboration to date. From celebrities to magazines, Tanzire has truly helped me know that I’m on the right path.


Rose D’Melo Jewelry, Brazil


Sijia Yu of INXSKY, Paris 

Every purchase through Tanzire is really meaningful because it helps INXSKY as a small business to continue striving, especially during a pandemic. We truly appreciate working with Tanzire and are so grateful that more and more customers around the world can enjoy our designs.




Aakanksha Kotawala of ANATINA, India 

We launched ANATINA just this year and Tanzire has played an instrumental role in multiplying our reach. With every purchase, our small-knit community of artisans and team gets a well-deserved validation. It provides a considerable boost to us! 




Audrey Migot of Yala, Africa 

When you buy one of our pieces, you’re financially empowering our artisans in Kenya to improve their lives and the opportunity to work in a safe and healthy environment. So, thank you! 


 Yala, Africa

 Feel good, yet? You definitely must! Online retail therapy for the win we’d say!

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