Top 3 Demi Fine Jewelry Trends At Coachella 2023

Top 3 Demi Fine Jewelry Trends At Coachella 2023

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Picture this: It’s Coachella season. You're standing in the middle of a desert surrounded by thousands of people, all dressed in their most extravagant outfits. But there's something else that catches your eye - the jewelry. 

That's why in this blog post, we'll be spotlighting the top three Coachella 2023 jewelry trends. Festivals are not just about the music– they're about the fashion, the atmosphere, and the energy that surrounds them. What better way to express that energy than through the jewelry you wear?


Abstract Pieces

Unexpected outfits are always expected at a music festival like Coachella. This year, change things up with abstract demi-fine jewelry– irregular shapes, uneven lines, the works. We recommend the 18k Gold Plated Nomad Stud Earrings, the Minimally Edgy Brigitte Dangle Neck Cuff or the Elongated Idris Gold Statement Earrings.


18k Gold Plated Nomad Stud Earrings


Minimally Edgy Brigitte Dangle Neck Cuff


Elongated Idris Gold Statement Earrings


Surrealist Jewelry

How do you stand out in a crowd where everyone is expressing their individuality to its highest possible extent? Two words: surrealist jewelry. Handcrafted demi-fine metal chokers, brass earrings and intricate demi-fine ring stacks are the way to go. We recommend these gorgeous one-of-a-kind Queen's Collete Statement Necklace, The Frida Kahlo Statement Earrings or the Statement Gold And Pearl Bee My Lover Handcuff.


The Queen's Collete Statement Necklace


The Frida Kahlo Statement Earrings


Statement Gold And Pearl Bee My Lover Handcuff


Fashion meets function

Functional pieces with symmetrical lines are making a strong comeback to music festivals, who previously only focused on extravagance. The bolder the outfit, the more symmetrical the jewelry should be to create a cohesive look with depth. We suggest going for our modern, functional and stylish demi-fine 14k Gold Plated Stevie Bangle, Rhodium Silver Mega U-Shaped Earrings or the 14k Gold Plated Florence Twin Hoop Earrings.


14k Gold Plated Stevie Bangle


Rhodium Silver Mega U-Shaped Earrings


14k Gold Plated Florence Twin Hoop Earrings


Festivals are all about expressing yourself, and demi-fine jewelry is just one way to do that. With these recommendations, we just want to make sure you can have fun with your jewelry without breaking the bank. 


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