Your Summer’23 Demi-Fine Jewelry Trend Edit

Your Summer’23 Demi-Fine Jewelry Trend Edit

Summer for us is like an extended golden hour and god knows how much we love the sun!

We might love and wear jewelery throughout the year, but summers hold a special place for us. From accessorizing your bikini looks to getting ready for fun-filled mimosa brunches - Tanzire is excited to be part of all your summer stories.

 But before that - let us list down our favourite jewelry trends of 2023 curated especially for you. Whether you're into chunky or delicate pieces, we've got you covered with the inside scoop on the top five trends that are dominating the season. 

Unusual Cuts & Shapes 

This season, asymmetrical and organic shapes are stealing the show. 

Picture a beautiful golden cuff bracelet that catches the sunlight and adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. That's exactly what Maramz has in store for you! Or how about the passion cuff bracelet by Studio Metallurgy? Its abstract, fluid lines will remind you of the ocean waves on a sunny day, adding a touch of whimsy to your summer look. And if you're feeling bold, try out Love Letter's gold-plated enamel signet ring. Its mismatched pairing is just the right amount of edgy and chic.


Diagonal 18k Gold-Plated Cuff Bracelet


Statement Passion Cuff Bracelet


Theo 22k Gold Plated Enamel Signet Ring



All about Mixed Metals

If you thought gold and silver don't go together, think again because the hottest trend this season is all about mixing metals. 

Our INXSKY Yui statement ring plated with silver, paired with the PD Paola link chain cyclon ring plated with gold, is a match made in heaven; the perfect combination to take any summer outfit up several notches. But if you prefer to keep it simple, check out our handmade rhodium silver dome ring by AJ & Co. It's a classic piece that's perfect for any occasion.


Silver-plated Yui Statement Ring


Gold Plated Link Chain Cyclon Ring


Handmade Rhodium Silver Dome Ring



If you're into bold and daring looks, then maximalism is the way to go. Adding a touch of personality to your style has never been easier with a classic double layer choker necklace by AJ & Co or timeless gold-dipped mega U-shaped earrings by Jenny Bird.

But here's the secret: don't be afraid to mix and match different styles to let your statement piece really stand out. Layer your necklaces and bracelets, and stack your rings high. Summer is all about having fun and being playful, so why not let your jewelry reflect that?


Double Layer Choker Necklace


14K Gold Dipped Mega U-Shaped Earrings

Charms - fun & flirtatious & oh so charming!

Charms are making a comeback this season, and we can't get enough of them. They give us major Y2K vibes and add a playful touch to our jewelry collection. Whether you prefer precious stones or zodiac symbols, there's a charm out there for everyone. Mix and match them on a necklace or bracelet for a unique look, or make a statement with a bold charm piece. Don't be afraid to personalize your jewelry and have fun with it this summer!




Multistone Zodiac Pendant


18K Gold Plated Multistone Willow Bracelet

Hoops, Hoops, Hoops! - go big or small, a forever statement

Whether you're into big and bold or prefer something more delicate, there's a hoop earring out there that's perfect for you. Some of our favorites this season include the Doune Hoop Earrings by Jenny Bird for those who want to make a statement, the Gold Dipped Faye Knockers by Jenny Bird for those who prefer a more subtle look, and the Gold Plated Enya Hoop Earrings by PD Paola for a touch of elegance. So go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair (or two) of hoop earrings this summer. You deserve it!


14K Gold Dipped Slim Doune Hoop Earrings


14K Gold Dipped Faye Knockers


18k Gold Plated Enya Hoop Earrings

This summer, let your mantra be "try something new" in all aspects of your life, be it work, leisure, or fashion. Don't hesitate to experiment, mix and match, and shake things up a bit to create a personalized style that's uniquely yours - just like a perfectly crafted martini.

And remember, your jewelry choices are a reflection of your unique self-expression, so embrace your individuality and revel in the joy of accessorizing. Cheers to a stylish summer filled with happy experimentation and self-discovery. 

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