5 Demi-fine Jewelry Trends To Keep It Light This Festive Season

5 Demi-fine Jewelry Trends To Keep It Light This Festive Season

Sparkles & shines everywhere and the happiness wafting off air leaves us with no guesses that the festive season is here. So, this year and beyond, we’re endorsing to keep it easy and light for festive styling. And, why not? It’s only practical to be easy on the beloved body parts as you meet-and-greet and revel in the infectious joy - all while being comfortably stylish. 

Over the years, easy-to-wear, effortless essentials have catapulted a trend that has proven to be a game-changer. And, following the same footsteps for the festival season is not only logical but also an investment into pieces that go a long way for many other occasion - everyday life being one.

Lean on Tanzire as we answer your minimalism wishlist and help you breathe simple-yet-stunning life into celebrations with global additions!

Add the Personalize Touch 

For your friends, family or yourself, there’s nothing that says, “Yours, and yours truly” more than a personalized piece of jewelry. A multi-stone studded alphabet pendant to radiate light within, numeric charms to mark a date, or a zodiac pendant to celebrate the stars, PD Paola from Spain takes personalized jewelry and holiday gifting up a notch! 




Hoops Are Here To Stay 

When we say there’s nothing Hoops can’t solve, we mean it. Take Jenny Bird’s mega u-shaped earrings and PD Paola’s tri-hoop earrings for example. They’ll go from Diwali puja to Diwali parties real soon, effortlessly and smoothly. Our Pearl Drop Earrings from Italy will add just the needed traditional touch to your minimal festive look.



The Undying Charm of Choker

Follow your own rules and light with our handcrafted chokers. Perfect as you want to embrace your self-expression and shine bright. From an edgy double-layer choker necklace to delicate zirconia choker from Australia, your range of personalities will be met with a range of contemporary chokers handcrafted across the globe. And, to keep it eternally elegant, a pearl strand handcrafted in Brazil will always have your back. 




More The Merrier, Always - Stackable Bracelets

Stack ‘em up because the style is designed to add zing to your look. Playful by default, have fun with mix and matching and stacking, just like the festive mood. Pair one of our bestselling adjustable bracelets by Maramz with the colorful chain charm bracelet by PD Paola and create the joyous festive look. 



Rings: Can’t Go Without Them

Not just the festive style, but any look is incomplete without the right pair of rings. In the ethos of happy moments and movements, hands deserve a separate spotlight. Handcrafted in Australia, the vermeil ring is for the no-one-can-beat-me-at-cards lady. Wear and blend the two different metal rings, from Australia and Spain, in the zest of the festival feel and brighten up the celebratory style. 


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