Tanzire x Adina Eden: Designer Speaks on Her Demi-Fine Jewelry Inspiration, Purpose, and Collaboration

Tanzire x Adina Eden: Designer Speaks on Her Demi-Fine Jewelry Inspiration, Purpose, and Collaboration

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Ever since there has been an emergence of minimal demi-fine jewelry, a lot of brands have followed the suit and contributed to the market. But it takes a special touch to stand out whilst following a widely-accepted and widely-cloned trend. Adina Eden from New York has managed to do that.

Her inspiration comes from her jewelry being a catalyst of self-expression for women who wear them. With a pinch of glitz and shine, she adds jazz to everyday demi-fine jewelry styles. What remains interesting is the transformative nature of demi-fine jewelry to dress up and dress down effortlessly.

We’re thrilled to have her Adina Eden from NYC on Tanzire and make her playful & glam jewelry accessible to our community in India. Adina talks with us about her inspiration, go-to style, and her advice to the young generation on owning their style. Read through:


Adina Eden, Founder and President, Adina Eden


1. Your brand, named after your grandmother, is commemorating her life. Is there any part of her style that is infused with your brand? If yes, would you like to share what it is? 

 Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet my grandmother, so I only know about her style from old photos, and what I’ve been told about her. However, through genetics, I find my style to be quite like hers, in ways I didn’t even know. Her basic yet edgy classiness is at the absolute forefront of Adina Eden and is a part of everything we’ve done until now. Nothing makes me prouder than this.


Adina Eden wears, from the top, the Gold Tennis Choker Necklace and CZ Bezel Freshwater Pearl Necklace


2. What is the core inspiration behind your jewelry designs?

It’s always different. However, it heavily depends on what’s going on around me, like the season, rising trends, and the latest place I’ve traveled to.


Adina Eden wears the 14K Gold Plated Tennis Choker Bracelet and Sterling Silver Herringbone Snake Bracelet


3. Speaking of trends, which trend has become a part of your personal style?

The trend I feel has most become a part of my personal style is the out-and-about loungewear trend, which is essential and simple yet so fun and edgy. I like to dress up comfortably and casually and then throw in a ton of accessories to amp up my look.


4. For the on-the-go women out there, what are the 3 must-have jewelry essentials they should own?

I love this question because every time I answer it, it’s always the same. Every woman should always own a piece of basic tennis jewelry - can be a tennis bracelet or tennis choker, basic gold hoop earrings, and, of course, a simple gold chain that works as the perfect stacking piece.


Lena Nash spotted wearing Silver Tennis Choker Necklace


5. We like that there’s a lot of youthful charm exuded through your pieces. What’s your advice to Gen Z on building their own style?

Own it, no matter what people around tell you! There will always be designers who were there before you, but at the end of the day, we are the future, and it’s up to us to continue to breed fashion even if it’s different from our predecessors.


6. Few words on your collaboration with Tanzire and what you’re looking forward to via Tanzire x Adina Eden.

 I am excited to branch out and reach out to a new customer base in India. Adina Eden is all about inclusivity so the more people become a part of our community, the greater our mission and purpose gets.



Explore Adina Eden on Tanzire, exclusively in India.

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