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5 Jewelry Trends We're Obsessed With This Winter

We were just reeling from March when winter started knocking on our doors; what a whirlwind this year has been. And yet, no matter the season, or regardless of the weather, the one thing that has not stopped evolving is style. You may have changed your deep V-necks to turtlenecks, but that shouldn’t stop you from styling your ensemble with chic and contemporary jewelry. 

And for that, we are here with yet another blog post to help you style your winter ensemble with beautiful, handmade jewelry. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the jewelry trends you need to keep up with this winter. 

1) Say It With Statement Jewelry 

While minimal, delicate jewelry might dominate your summer trends, the statement pieces are here to make the most of this chill season. Make the most of these quirky hoops on loop dangle earrings by pairing them with your thick denim jacket and white woollen scarf. Style your fancy turtlenecks with chunky, statement choker necklaces that will up your glam game by a mile!


2) As Loud As Oversized Rings

Sexy and stylish, this is the perfect time to show off those large, oversized rings that have been resting in your precious jewelry box. The statement ring jewelry trend has spread like wildfire amongst the millennials and Gen Z. Statement-making and vogue; these chunky gold rings induce a sense of confidence and assertiveness in a woman. From the chunky croissant to the gold band ring, let these golden pieces shine through the chill of the season.


3) All-time Favorite Pearl Jewelry 

 Pearls don’t need a season to be trendy; these gems of the ocean are evergreen accessories that transcend the ever-evolving jewelry trends and changing preferences. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, every outfit, every look can be perfectly complemented by pearl jewelry. With stylish, contemporary handmade jewelry designs, like the chain link pearl anklet or the pearl nest drop necklace, pearls have now become a must-have accessory for the every modern woman. 



4) The Golden Hoops Affair

 Styles may change, but the hoops remain the same. This Instagram generation's love and adoration for hoop earrings is admirable; the hoop jewelry trend has undoubtedly taken the world by a storm these past few years. From the chunky twisted hoop earrings to twirl gravity hoops, these quirky pairs can make any winter wear look fancy and fashionable. Create a modish look by coupling your OOTD with a pair of these chunky gold hoop earrings and let the magic happen.


5) Influencer-Approved Chain Link Jewelry 

And one our favorite jewelry trends is the Chain-link jewelry. From necklaces to rings to earrings, chain-links come in every form and style to accessorize your winter wear. Infused with Parisian glam, the handcrafted Amor De Paris choker necklace is a perfect pick to make a bold statement with your turtlenecks and jackets. The unique detachable chain-link earrings and ring band are perfect pieces to style with other handmade jewelry this winter.


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