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How to style your basic white t-shirt with minimal jewelry?

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I have yet to come across a person who does not own a basic white t-shirt, it’s a universal must-have! This dynamic piece of clothing isn’t just cool and comfortable but it also offers endless styling possibilities for the young fashionistas out there. Let’s be honest, we love our white t-shirts more than some of our expensive branded dresses.

There is something very chic, versatile, and effortless about styling your white t-shirt into different ensembles with beautiful accessories. And that is exactly what we will explore in this blog, styling a plain white t-shirt into swanky outfits with handmade minimal jewelry.


The Bohemian chic 

Flaunt your unique style



Donning a boho look is one of the favorite styles for millennial women, however, it might be tricky to amp up the look. “Layering is an art. And the white tee should be the canvas”, says Laurent Coulie. From link-chain necklaces to coin charms, you can never go wrong with layering. Stackable rings is also another glamorous way to add a bit of quirkiness to your look. 


Casual and Confident 

Wear your confidence


As comfy and cozy our oversized white tees are, they can just as easily be transformed into one of our most stylish outfits. Oversized Gold Hoop Earrings are considered as staples for white t-shirts (we’ve got you covered here!!). Feel free to experiment with stackable bracelets and statement rings, this is one style that suits every outfit, every occasion, it is everyone’s favorite.


The Boss Lady

Get Ready to Rule


Yes, you heard it, white t-shirts can be worn to work too! Fall’s favorite blazer style is always on our list. With neutral blazers, ear cuffs are the best choice for your 9-9 hustle, they are cute, comfortable, and best of all, no piercing is needed. You can give your look a more elegant feel with a minimal pearl ring. Just, let your hair down or tie them up in a bun, and you are ready to conquer the day like a true queen.


The Denim Girl

Go Casual


The white t-shirt and denim are like age-old best friends, it’s a combination that never fails, be it shorts or jeans. Give your basic look an update with chunky gold hoops (yay, hoops!!) or a personalized initial pendant. Layering simple everyday pendant necklaces will enhance the look even more. Mix, match, layer, play with this ultra classic look as much as you want!


White on White

Fearless in White


Keep away from mud puddles and greasy hamburgers and your white on white outfit is good to go. Add some color to this mix with some gold plated handmade jewelry like the minimal adjustable bracelet and quirky hoop earrings. This golden and white combination is everyone’s summer favorite, and the studs only add to its glam factor. This whole minimal look is so striking and elegant and an absolutely perfect fit for your day out in the sun. 


So, go ahead, take your beloved white t-shirt out of the closet, mix and match it with some exclusive minimal jewelry and get ready to flaunt your style.

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