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5 Pair of Earrings That Will Make Any Outfit Better

Think of earrings and they’re the crowning accomplishment to your outfit. And we at Tanzire don’t shy away to elevate our ear game! (perks of working in the jewelry industry). Channeling our inner fashionistas, we love to throw on studs, cuffs, drops, threaders, hoops, you name it.

And it’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewelry  especially when they’re handmade with love

So today we’re sharing 5 of Tanzire’s favorite earrings for every occasion. We’d love to know if you have a favorite pair that we are missing here (or a favorite designer that does this category well). Also, let us know who should we be checking out for interesting earrings jewelry?

Silver Studs

An epitome of refined elegance, you can never go wrong with the everyday-ready pair of stud earrings.

Classic stud earrings are usually round, but if you want to skip the normal without losing the sparkle, then check out this link

Bonus: Stud earrings are compact and cutely fit your earlobe. So leave the worries about these pretties getting entangled in any crafty fabric pattern.

Drop Earrings

If you want to add an instant ‘wow’ factor to your glamorous evening parties, choose drop earrings. Its ornate shape adds an enigmatic feel to your personality in tout de suite.

The main feature that has fascinated fashion lovers about drop earrings is its dazzling teardrop shape.

Picture yourself wearing these handmade drop earrings. Made from druzy stones, they’re bound to immaculately frame your face.

I bet these drop earrings will make any evening an unforgettable experience.


Gold Hoop Earrings

Science states that a glint of gold makes any outfit extraordinary! No second guessing, we love a classic gold hoop.

With its signature setting, hoops are lightweight and wearable for a full day. In case you want to adopt a retro vibe, go for the magnificent oversized hoops.

Make a wise investment in this timeless pair and you’ll thank us later.

**We shouldn’t have to asterisk this, but just to be safe: we have no idea what scientific studies have stated (or not stated) whether hoop earrings increase extraordinary levels.


Chandelier Earrings


For the ultimate aura of elegance, a time-honored pair of chandelier earrings is a jewelry-box essential.

The opulent chandelier earrings are one-of-a-kind with the flowing chain cascading it’s way from the earlobe to those angled collarbones.

You can’t ignore that chandelier earrings are larger than life compared to other earrings evoking the feeling of royal castles and luxurious mansions. You will ignite the look of a queen with a standout pair of resplendent chandeliers, sparkling your entire presence.

Bank on the fact that a combo of exquisite chandelier earrings and a stunning evening gown, we guarantee no one will take their eyes off you.

Tassel Earrings


Add a pop-up color to your jewelry with tassel earrings. This whole bohemian style of tassel earrings is breezy, romantic and classy at the same time.

The swaying earrings trend has been growing for quite some time, with many new varieties added on Tanzire by our Moroccan designer. You can shop these alluring pieces on Tanzire’s Instagram shop and look like an exotic summer goddess.

One of the strongest assets about the tassel earrings is their versatile characteristics. You can style the same pair of earrings with literally most of your clothes that sit in your wardrobe. Long tassels, short tassels, beaded tassels, jeweled tassels, you name it… you’ll be spoilt for choice with such a dynamic variety.

Oh, remember, girls just wanna have fun and what better way to start the week well with these amazingly gorgeous pairs of earrings! My favorite aspect of these ‘must-haves’ earrings is how they magically transform any outfit from day to night, from drab to glam or just add that ‘X Factor’ to your couture.

Are you looking for a more ravishing collection of earrings? Head to Tanzire and shop these lovely dreams away!

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