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Your Face Cut & The Jewelry That Looks Good On You

If there’s one thing that stimulates the design world, it is diversity. Even in jewelry, the diversity in race, creed, gender, and culture is what has become the reason for the discovery, innovation, and experimentation in design. Another and yet more significant factor is the diversity in face shapes all over the world.

While it’s true that socio and economic dynamics is the reason for new trends, designs, and patterns every season, personal choices are often dictated simply by what looks good on oneself. And of course, the cut, and the shape of your face will what determine the best jewels for you.


One of the most popular face cuts, an oval face shape often seems relaxed and laid back. Owing to this, the oval face shape is best known for being soft and gentle. So, whether the features are angular or gentle, when it comes to jewelry for the oval-shaped face necklaces and earrings, a majority of designs look graceful on it.

Style Tip: Mid-length to long necklaces, small studs, danglers, and chandeliers.




A round face is usually accompanied by gentle and soft features. With an equal distance all around, the nose becomes a very important feature in a round face cut. The objective forbearers of the jewelry for the face shape round would be to elongate its length. This will lend it a fiercer stance.

Style Tip: Avoid jewelry that hugs you tight such as chokers or big studs. Opt for lengthy necklaces, vertical chandelier earrings, and a nose pin/ring.



A square shaped face is usually sharp and angular. With a sleek jawline and pointed chin, a face shape such as this one is beautifully bold with prominent features. Highlight your square-shaped face with jewelry such as nose studs, ear studs and lose chokers could be your best companion.

Style Tip: Adorn yourself with jewelry that affords your movement and appears flowy. Opt for tiny danglers, lariat necklaces that highlight your neck, pendant chokers, and fluid statement earrings.



A classic pattern in a heart-shaped face is that the hairline indents downwards. High cheekbones and a prominent jawline too belong to this group. With the face cut assuming downward sloping stance, jewelry for this face shape is quite neutral too.

Style Tip: Statement jewelry looks fantastic on this face cut. Bold, colorful earrings, mid-length necklaces, will fare beautifully on this shape.

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