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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019: The Directory Of Jewelry Trends

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The fashion capital of the world just blessed us with a fashion week, and things were interesting, to say the least! If you thought the last fashion week would witness tired crowds, you couldn’t be more wrong. Enthused people with inventive styles were spotted everywhere! OTT was the literal name of the game. As for the jewelry? Have a look below to find out the street style that Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019 gave us.


Arriving straight from the 90s, these earrings in varying sizes have made a comeback like none other. There is literally no stopping this phenomenon! Hoops were found in an array of patterns, designs, and embellishments. From slinky minimalist to dazzling maximist, a whole lot of street style stars at Paris Fashion Week opted for these baubles. Hoops have the magical ability to look dressed up or down as you please! We’re crushing hard on these slinky gold ones and the textured metallic silver ones.

Fabric Jewelry

Fabric jewelry whether sewn, woven, crocheted looks always manages to look handmade and sustainable. At times when it’s important to ensure that our consumption of fashion goodies has the smallest carbon footprint, fabric jewelry is like a fresh of breathing air. Coming in a volley of colors, it is the perfect summer companion when metal and hardware just don’t cut it. What we have here is a pair of tassel earrings in Olive and a long fabric necklace that’s a take on Egyptian designs.


Big, Bold & Badass Earrings

A trend that’s loved unanimously by women all over the world, big and bold earrings are the best accessory for a quick pick-me-up! Whether your apparel style is more minimal or it’s full of textures, prints, and patterns, statement earrings will never look out of place. Clearly, that’s also what the street stylers at PFW 2019 thought of! The charm of big, vertical earrings is undeniable, they seem to flatter and frame your face in the most perfect manner possible. From geometric metallics to uncut agate stones, we have the earrings you’ve dreamt of!

Dainty Necklaces

With earrings going OTT on the streets, it was time for necklaces to dial it down a bit. We were witness to chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, and necklaces with lockets. A trend that’s easy to carry, this one says you don’t have to invest a lot, nor stray too far from your style to make a statement. If you ask us, we’d live on these delicate chains! Choose shells for a gorgeous sunny getaway and the other to make a ferocious statement with its subtle hint of animal prints!


Chunky Rings

If Phoebe is your style idol, then rings have got to be a huge part of your closet. It’s time to rejoice because big rings, vertically inclined whether studded with dazzle or stones are super trending right now. Going by the street styles at Paris Fashion Week 2019, if necklaces and earrings aren’t your things, rings definitely could be. This chunky gold separatist rings or the stacks of rings in ocean hues are perfect to get with this trend. Opt for the former in case of a night event and the latter for a day brunch! Click, shop, and find these beautiful pieces of jewelry at your doorstep!

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