5 Quick Style Tips To Jewel Up Like A Kardashian

5 Quick Style Tips To Jewel Up Like A Kardashian

Whether or not you admit it, all of us like to follow the Kardashian-Jenner sisters to a certain extent. It could be to check what they’re wearing, who they’re wearing, take a tour of their gorgeous houses, but we’re all guilty of keeping up with them. Pun intended! All said and done, the ultra fashionable clan often makes it to the headlines for their outlandish yet dazzling looks. But if you ask us, the cherry on the cake is the kind of jewels they pick to go with their outfits. Their jewelry game undoubtedly spells luxury but how they style it is where the trick lies — strategic yet easy to follow. You may think it takes a lot to jewel up like a Kardashian but these simple style hacks below will help you achieve that goal with minimal effort and yield maximum impact. So, what say we dive right into it and start taking notes? 


When in doubt, simple pendant necklaces FTW 

Much like clothing staples, dainty pendant necklaces are accessory staples. No matter what style you veer towards, simple charms around your neck are sometimes all you need to complete a look. Maybe add some life to a boring outfit or tone down the extravagance. Take it from queen K Kris Jenner herself followed by Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Trust in the power of minimal jewelry! 




Pick an eye-catching choker for a power-lift 

Chokers always were, are and will remain a power accessory. In the Kardashian-Jenner language, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian specifically, pick a piece that is tastefully bold, modernly timeless and something that instantly gives you a boost of confidence. Be it something fun like chain link or opulent like diamond-encrusted.  




Larger the hoop, larger the impact

Experimenting with jewelry is like trading in the stock market, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Apply the same ideology to hoops, like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and watch your face, your outfit and your mood take on a whole new transformation. Face — sharper, outfit — bolder and mood — unapologetic. It is honestly true what they say about hoops, the larger the better! 




Invest in statement arm and ring stacks 

The thing is, even if you’re not fond of making a statement in the most obvious way, you still need something to swoon them away with. That’s why a statement ring and bracelet stack is something you need to invest in carefully. It should flaunt your personality and act like its creative extension. So pick something trendy, something bespoke, something minimal and something statement. For inspiration, check out Kylie Jenner. 




Introduce something whacky every now and then 

If you truly want to krank it up like a Kardashian-Jenner, your jewelry game needs a surprise element every once a while. Oftentimes it becomes the starting point of a great conversation but most definitely shows that you’re not afraid to play around with your style and think out of the box. Let Kris Jenner’s animal print choker and Kim Kardashian’s canine chain link choker serve as inspiration points. 




Told you, didn’t we! It doesn’t take rocket science to jewel up like a Kardashian. You just need to keep three things in mind — have fun, don’t stick to a pattern and carry your jewelry with confidence! Easy-peasy, no? 

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