The Demi-Fine Gifting Guide For This Festive Season

The Demi-Fine Gifting Guide For This Festive Season

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While there is possibly nothing that can make the festive season any better for reasons obvious, there are certainly plenty of ways to embellish this merry time of the year. One of which is the unspoken ritual of giving gifts. A good gift can guarantee you a special spot in the hearts of those at the receiving end of it and jewelry is one such covetable that will promise cheerful smiles and bear hugs. If you’re not too well-versed with what counts as a good piece of jewelry as a festive gift, our guide below will certainly help you make the right choice. From those that seem to have everything, to the ones with a unique eye, and just about anyone who likes a bit of dazzle in their looks, our festive gift guide has no dearth of demi-fine jewelry for anyone and everyone! 



Nothing says love like a demi-fine bauble with a personalized touch. Bespoke and one-of-a-kind, personalized jewelry instantly bags the most cherished status in one’s jewelry collection. For someone who likes to wear their heart on the sleeve, pick the multistone initial pendant necklace. Alternatively, if you’re looking to gift someone who prefers a tad bit of mystique, you can opt for an engravable padlock pendant.

Minimal Bond Gold Bracelet, Multi Stone Letter 'S' Pendant

Jewelry basics

Sometimes, a restock of basics is much-needed and when they come as gifts, it’s much, much appreciated! Wondering what makes jewelry basics as a gift so special? It shows your thoughtfulness about the person’s needs and likes. That said, this versatile rope chain necklace and U-shaped hoops are practically jewelry staples. They form the perfect base for any stack, are also relied on solo and suit just about everyone! 

18k Gold Vermeil Rope Chain Necklace, 18k Gold Plated U-Shaped Hoop Earrings

Minimal style 

If you’re helping someone embrace their minimal style sensibilities, demi-fine necklaces and rings are the most spot-on gifts! The Nia Gold Chain necklace is a festive essential for its understated sparkle, while the elegant Gold Vermeil ring will help accentuate all festive outfits!  

Layered Nia Gold Chain Necklace, Elegant Gold Vermeil Thin Ring Band

Bold style

On the other hand, if the gift-getter has a penchant for statement jewelry, these pearl danglers have the potential to become the favourite Diwali earrings. Or just favourites in general! Top them with a statement Croissant ring that will help your loved one put together an all-eyes-on-me look. 

Handmade Long Pearl Drop Earrings, Statement Gold Vermeil Croissant Ring


As a festive gift, occasion-wear jewelry fits right in! One can style it for this gleeful time of the year and receive a whole bunch of “oohs and aahs”! Occasion or festive jewelry is most often looked at through a luxe lens. So consider this gleaming pair of gemstone earrings perfect for a cocktail party. Or a more out-there string of Keshi pearls for someone who is fond of drama! 


Pink Quartz & Black Onyx Earrings, Keshi Pearls Choker Necklace

This festive season, show your friends and family the love you hold for them via handmade demi-fine jewelry! If the last two years are anything to go by then there’s no price when it comes to celebrating those dear to you! 


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