5 Reasons Why You Should Get Behind The Demi-Fine Jewelry Trend

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Behind The Demi-Fine Jewelry Trend

Jewelry, today, holds a little more sentiment than just an heirloom piece in one’s jewelry box. It serves as an extension of one’s personality, something that helps them give their everyday a bespoke and fashion-forward touch. And while it is easy to get mesmerized and lost in the world of fine jewelry, which embodies all of these values and more, it surely isn’t the most economical option for all. That’s why you turn to demi-fine jewelry, jewelry that’s versatile, partially long-lasting, and unbeatably stylish. That’s not all why you should get behind this trend. Ahead we give you 5 more reasons to fall in love with demi-fine jewelry! 

Reason no. 1 You can shop new styles and shop often 

With its economical price point, don’t worry about going stir crazy while getting yourself a demi-fine jewel from time to time. Plus new styles every now and then are always a bonus point! 


Reason no. 2 Get experimental  

Whether you’re stocking up on new styles or styling the same ones, with demi-fine jewelry, you have access to unique designs. So getting experimental is inevitable and your own style sensibilities getting better is guaranteed! 



Reason no. 3 Mix and match styles 

Demi-fine jewelry pairs well with literally all kinds of looks, from traditional to business formal and everything in between. So no matter what kind of a piece you own, best believe it to work double/triple/quadruple duty effortlessly! 



Reason no. 4 Be kind to the planet

Demi-fine jewelry is available in plenty of eco-conscious materials such as 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, brass, gold vermeil, etc., which make your buy an eco-friendly one. At Tanzire, we represent jewelry only from brands that produce sustainable jewelry via ethical and responsible means. 


Reason no. 5 Never get tired of it 

Once you hop on the demi-fine jewelry train, you’ll soon realize that you’ll never quite get enough of it. You’ll find something for yourself for all sorts of moods, looks and occasions. Some that’ll even be good enough to sleep and bathe in! 


And that, my friends, is why you should get behind the demi-fine jewelry trend quick!

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