And Just Like That... Here Are Our Favorite Jewelry Moments From The Reboot

And Just Like That... Here Are Our Favorite Jewelry Moments From The Reboot

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It’s been more than a month of the three New Yorker BFFs flooding our TLs with their envy-inducing closets and seemingly woke 50s. Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt are making it to the headlines with every episode of And Just Like That just as they did back in the Y2K with SATC. The fashion is still as delicious, and most importantly, reminiscent of its original counterpart (not without a few questionable choices here and there). But it looks like jewelry has received a fresh and exciting update on the reboot. From spotting Carrie in romantic pearls, Miranda in bohemian-chic pieces and Charlotte in her signature classics, AJLT surely has quite a few scene-stealers with regard to jewelry. 

Of course, we couldn’t list down all the high and fine ones out so we’ve boiled down to some that can be recreated with the best of demi-fine jewelry and give us a feel that we’re in our own episode of AJLT, too! Scroll through to read. 



Carrie’s love for jewelry that does not overshadow her outfit yet stands out as a statement element is worth taking cues from. Whether you’re headed to a nightclub to go dancing or a lowkey dinner with your girlfriends, do like Carrie and dress your best in a pair of stunning dangle earrings. Why? Let Carrie show you why! 

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Seema Patel’s strong and ambitious personality oozes from her choice of clothes AND jewelry in the reboot. Going for statement-makers everyday of her life means only one thing for us: it is completely acceptable to wear bright and bold jewelry on the daily if it means you love it. Carry it with a large pinch of confidence and you’re good to go! But of all of her other beautiful looks, we had her eyes set on this one due to the obvious. Chain link jewelry from head-to-toe! 

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Lisa Todd Wexley a.k.a. LTW is a fresh addition to the cast and has the most refreshing and the most exciting jewelry collection. With each scene, Lisa steals the show with her avant-garde, colossal-sized, beautifully colorful jewelry. The best part? She knows what a good piece of power jewelry can do to a look, which is not only good thinking but also leaves us wanting for more! Hard to pick from her array of captivating ‘fits but this square-shaped ring paired with those delectable bangles has our whole heart!   

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On a quest to get answers but not without her beloved pearls. Carrie in And Just Like That introduced her love for pearls by being drenched in them in a hospital gown, while going to sleep, while brunching, lunch-ing, practically while living her life. Our takeaway? Wear more pearls, feel a little decadent! 

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Miranda Hobbes gave up her corporate lawyer life for college and with it, her power outfits. While it was nice and refreshing seeing her take the relaxed, boho-chic sartorial route, we couldn’t help but notice the Big funeral look and her choice of choker. Sleek, powerful and so classy, a little something that brought back the Y2K Miranda for about 20 minutes or so! Besides, classy chokers = a big yes from us!

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As much fun as it was binging the reboot, Carrie’s jewelry, Charlotte’s bags and so much more, it was twice more fun writing our favorite jewelry moments down! So on that note, why don’t you tell us scenes and looks that stayed with you in the comments below? Let’s indulge in a friendly chat about all things fun and fashion!

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