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6 Valentine's Day Gifts To Pamper Yourself As Nothing Says Self-Love Better Than Jewelry!

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February is here, so is Valentine’s Day, and so is the unstoppable fad of losing your sleep over what to gift, trying to guess what you will get, and if you are single, well, then bring on the depression clouds! Don’t get us wrong, we totally adore this “love in the air” vibes this month brings, what we don’t agree with is why no one talks about self-love or what amazing thing it is to give yourself a Valentine’s day gift, like that piece of minimalist jewelry you had been eyeing for quite some time now. 

Whoever said that someone who gets you and adores you is one of the best things in life, hasn’t come across our carefully selected list of minimalist jewelry just for you! So, what are you waiting for?  February the 14th is going to all about self-love this time, with you pampering yourself with Tanzire’s unique bracelets for women, handmade earrings, handmade rings, gold plated pendants- all in all, make unique handmade jewelry your new tradition in 2020!


1. The stunning 925 Sterling Silver Ti Amo Gold Pendant looking all sorts of adorable accompanied with a red heart.

Gold Plated TI-Amo chain link necklace with an inverted red heart drop pendant
Girl in white shirt wearing gold plated ti amo red heart pendant necklace and gold plated Ti Amo statement rings

Now, there are pendants that are borderline common and then there are the ones that are blessed with the power to raise the appeal of even the most ordinary attire to the heights of extraordinary. And Tanzire’s Ti Amo Pendant practically rules the second option! 

Made of 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Plating, this handmade, adjustable pendant promises to add the magic of Rome to even your most basic day-to-day apparel.  


2. Give a “hearty” twist to your outfits with this Gold Plated Heart Layered Choker Necklace

18K GOLD PLATED layered CHOKER NECKLACE with Red & Black Zirconia Stone-studded inverted hearts


Girl in black dress wearing the 18K GOLD PLATED layered CHOKER NECKLACE with Red & Black Zirconia Stone-studded inverted hearts

Guaranteed to add that cutesy charm to your brunch attire, this lovely adjustable Tanzire’s choker is made of handmade 925 Sterling Silver with a red & black Zirconia Stone-studded heart. Guess who just got her glam on?


3. Put a ring on that “I love me first” mantra with our Rose Double Finger Ring!

Artistic 18k Gold plated double finger statement ring depicting two roses and its petals


Girl in black shirt wearing 18k gold plated rose double finger statement ring

You don’t need anyone wrapped around your finger this February 14th, if you have this Sterling Silver Rose Double Finger Ring that literally swears to never break up with you.
Handmade in Hong Kong, this Rhodium, and Gold plated beauty is undoubtedly THE date you need to take to every weekend party of yours.


4. Become a maestro of impeccable fashion sense with the Link Chain Cyclone Ring

Minimal gold plated chain link cyclone ring


A hand wearing the minimal gold plated chain link cyclone ring

Your inner-fashionista deserves all that is glam and chic in the world and Tanzire’s Elongated Link Chain Cyclone Ring ought to quench her thirst for perfection. Handcrafted in Spain, this gold-plated wonder, made of 925 sterling silver, is both elegant and all that you need to reaffirm your commitment to yourself. You go, girl!


5. Add these Gravity Hoop Earrings to your classy collection because...well, do you actually need a reason?

18k gold plated twirl hoop earrings handmade from stainless steel


Fashion model wearing the 18k gold plated twirl hoop earrings handmade from stainless steel

A timeless piece blessed with fine craftsmanship and contemporary design, our Gravity Hoop earrings are glittering proof of the fact that one so can not go wrong when it comes to hoops. Handcrafted in 18k Gold plating and Silver Rhodium plating, these babies come armed with the fine craftsmanship of Spain clinching the first spot as the best Valentine’s Day gift to yourself.

6. No need to spell out your style, our Multi Stone Letter Pendants will do it for you!

18k Gold plated personalized multi-stone letter 'D' Pendant


A child's hand holding the 18k Gold plated personalized multi-stone letter 'D' Pendant necklace

Nab this chance at flaunting the flawless representation of your personalized style, with gold-plated Letter Pendants. Studded with semiprecious stones, this subtle piece is further accentuated by its fine design that is sure to set some pretty high style stakes for others to match up with.
It is time to relish in self-love and flaunt your style with these unique Valentine’s day gifts. Get shopping, ladies!

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