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7 Jewelry Gifts for your Girl Squad during the Covid 19 Lockdown

Humanity is fascinating, just when you start to lose hope in it, it reveals its true self. Whenever faced with a shared crisis, we witness the love, the compassion, and the warmth that people are capable of, all around the world. The Covid 19 pandemic is no different, what started out as worldwide panic and a widespread terror has now brought people together to support one another and re-instill the sense of camaraderie that was once forgotten. 

We understand the Coronavirus lockdown isn’t easy for anyone, not being able to meet the ones you love is proving to be tougher by the day. But don’t let this minor hiccup dull your mood and damper your mind. Let us help, we are here to lift your spirits up and help you in expressing your care and concern to the people you love, including yourself.


For the love of Pearls

24k gold plated pearl handmade ring design Pearl Gold Hoop Dangle Earrings for Women River Pearl beaded necklace handmade jewelry design

We know you miss the blues and whites of the deep tranquil sea, feeling the waves crashing on the shore on your feet, bathing with your loved one in the warm sun. You miss sharing the calm and serenity of the ocean with your loved ones. But, who says you have to go with your squad to the beach to share this experience. Say ‘I miss you’ with a pearl, the gem of the ocean, let it’s soothing aura fill your loved ones with peace and tranquility. Our artists have infused their love of aquatic life and nature with these hand-crafted works of art to make sure that no matter where you are, you carry a little piece of the ocean with you, always. 


Hoops of Joy

Elegant TRI-PLATED SMALL HOOP EARRINGS for casual wear 18K GOLD plated handmade Hoop earrings for women 18k small gold hoop earrings handmade design for women

A worldwide quarantine means, no more parties, no more dancing, no more sharing the joyful company of the one you love. You miss sharing this time with your friends and you want to let them know that even though you can’t make merry with them at this time, you do not want them to lose their spunk. So, if they cannot come to the party, why not send the party to them. Now is your chance to tell them to ‘keep dancing,’ with a pair of fun and exciting hoop earrings. Their quirky elegance makes them a perfect gift to remind someone that they are and will always be the life of the festivity.


A personal touch

Handcrafted Gold plated alphabet pendant with semi-precious stones for Women Handmade Gold plated Personalized Alphabet Earrings With Semi-Precious Stones Handmade Customized Gold plated S initial pendant with studded semi-precious stones

They say that distances make the heart grow fonder, and it couldn’t be more true than now. Sometimes it takes more than just a phone call or text to let someone know that you are thinking about them and you wish for their safety. But now, since you cannot give them your personal touch and reassurance, let them know they are on your mind with a special gift. These multi-stoned-studded alphabetical pendants and earrings can be the perfect way for you to express your feelings and tell them ‘You’re special.’ 


Stay Connected

Handmade Sterling Silver Gold Plated Minimal Link Chain Ring For Women Minimal 925 Sterling Silver Link Chain Silver Plated Bracelets for Women Handmade Sterling Silver Link Chain Statement Choker Necklace

Staying connected with your loved ones during this pandemic is extremely important. Reminding your friends that you are there is one of the most crucial things you can do right now. Say ‘I am with you’ with this elegant link chain jewelry, carefully crafted, and hand-made by the talented women artists from Barcelona, Spain, and Greece, these exclusive designs can be a great mnemonic to your unbreakable bond.


Layers of love

Layered gold chain Necklace for Women with Studded Semi-Precious Stone Pink Druzy and Crystal Handmade 18k gold dangle layered earrings and ear cuffs for women  Elegant Layered gold chain necklaces for women with studded white cubic zirconias

For so long you have not taken an hour out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself. Well, now is the best time to do that. Layer yourself with love and care, and pamper yourself with these beautiful 18k carat gold works of art created by Aisha. Donating 15% of income to the betterment of women in Kenya, this collection is the perfect way to say ‘you are cherished,’ to yourself and the world.


Colors of strength

Colorful tassel necklace beaded with rudraksha and lava beads for women Casual wear handmade tassel earrings with Cotton Tassel Threads for women Handmade brass plated gold long colorful tassel earrings

If the Covid 19 lockdown has taught us anything then it is to have your wits and not lose your inner strength. This is a time when your loved ones need you to be their foundation, their pillar, be someone that they can lean on, even if it is from far-away. They need your strength to fuel theirs, your care to keep them safe, your love to keep them warm, even if, from a distance. So, gift yourself and your loved ones these wonderful and colorful tassels handcrafted by the talented artists from Hong Kong and Morocco and remind them to ‘stay strong.’ 


Golden faith

Handmade Gold plated ring made with recycled brass for casual wear Minimal gold plated medallion earrings made with recycled brass for women Gold plated chain with zero waste brass pendant handmade in Kenya


This is the time where you need to switch on the light to fight the darkness. This is the time to remind yourself and the people you love to ‘shine on.’ Empower yourself and those around you with Yala’s unique jewelry handcrafted by Kenyan women made from recycled brass and finely plated with gold. 

Do not let the Coronavirus create panic and instill fear into the hearts of the people you love, use this time to show them your care and affection and make them feel safe and adored. Let us know in the comments below how are you making the best use of this time

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