From Me To Me — Party-Ready Jewelry To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

From Me To Me — Party-Ready Jewelry To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

Come November, the holiday mood starts to set in. The general thought process inches towards everything party-wear – new clothes, new accessories, new jewelry and the common goal is to one-up our own outfits with every new gathering. And jewelry, well, jewelry plays an important role in making or breaking a look! Now that we’re in the thick of November, it’s time to start building all the looks you’ve been waiting to — in popular terms — slay, starting with getting your jewelry picks in place. We’ve put together a list of versatile pieces to get you in the holiday spirit *and* bring all the right kind of attention to your look! Scroll to take a peek. 

Silver Tennis Choker Necklace


There is little to no possibility of going wrong in Royalty-approved, luxury-giving tennis chokers. They ooze elegance just as much as drama and glamor, making them perfect for literally all kinds of parties — formal dinners to dance clubs to cozy house parties even! This Adina Eden Silver Tennis Choker is one such piece that’ll cruise through all your holiday shenanigans with equal style. 

Natural Malachite Symbolic Stone Charm


The most versatile and transitional pieces of them all — statement pendants require minimal styling struggle and better yet, effortlessly become the center of attention within a stack or even solo. Something delicate and graceful like the PD Paola Malachite Stone Pendant makes for a tasteful,  opulent choice to complete an OTT outfit… or elevate a minimal, pared-down look.   

14K Gold Dipped Mega U-Shaped Earrings


Classic pieces such as hoops either serve as the foundation of a memorable outfit or a fail-safe option to “serve” a look! But if you’re looking for what they call elevated classics, Jenny Bird’s mega U-Shaped Hoops are just what you need. Big, bold, out-there and definitely not for the faint-hearted! 

Masharabiya Moonstone Dangle Earrings


Come holidays, the need to go bigger, bolder and bedazzled is real! After all, what are special occasions without a piece or two screaming drama? ANATINA’s Masharabiya Moonstone Dangle Earrings are perfect to stand up to the occasion. The fusion design of this pair makes it a fit for both western and traditional wear!  

Statement Gold And Pearl Bee My Lover Handcuff


Move over barely-there, minimal bracelets. This holiday season is all about chunky, over-the-top bangles to adorn your arms. So embrace the more is more mantra and opt for statement arm candies such as ANATINA’s Bee My Love handcuff to finish off your looks!  

Chain Bracelet for Charms


Even though the general consensus veers towards chunky bangles, there is nothing like a dainty bracelet, adorned with personalized charms to make your stack a little bit more charm-ing. PD Paola’s Charm Chain Bracelet lets you customize it per your liking and add a personal touch to your jewelry! 

18K Gold Plated Amarres Ring


It’s never a bad idea to throw a fun, quirky piece in the mix and raise the stakes! Sure, classics are the foundation to a memorable look but out-of-the-box baubles can lend a distinctive touch to your overall style. A Mar Libre’s coiled, gold-plated ring is safe to start with!

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