Jenny Bird x Tanzire: Tete-a-Tete with Canada’s Beloved Jewelry Designer

Jenny Bird x Tanzire: Tete-a-Tete with Canada’s Beloved Jewelry Designer

Tanzire has been built upon the desire of bringing sustainable jewelry by powerful and impactful women designers across the world on one single platform. Having a designer like Jenny Bird, who shares an exact blueprint of values and vision, is a collaboration of dreams! The Canadian designer is a force to reckon with, who with her innovative design and luxury, modern-classic jewelry is ruling the hearts of today’s modern women and going global. 

She is the queen of hoops & layering and an expert of balancing minimal design with engineered pieces that promise to be relevant even in the years to come. One of reasons why fashion stalwarts like Jenner sisters, Katie Holmes, Mindy Kaling, and many more have found their jewelry haven in her eponymous label! The contemporary minimal jewelry finds resonance with today’s modern women through its subtle yet edgy style that easily translates between day and night looks.

As we welcome the celebrated designer on board, we got into a tete-a-tete with her to give you a peek of her style, inspiration, and vision behind the collaboration with Tanzire. Read through:


Jenny Bird, Founder and Creative Head, Jenny Bird


1. What was the major spark for you to switch to jewelry design and to start your own label?

I had always been an avid collector of vintage jewelry. When I created my first collection, it felt like a really easy design language for me—as natural as speaking. With the love for design, came a love for what jewelry can do for you and your style. Jewelry can elevate and uplift the everyday routine—from your mood to your outfit to your mindset.


Jenny Bird working in the JB HQ in Canada


2. We share the same belief that meaningfully crafted jewelry is a way to empower the wearer. Please share more on how Jenny Bird is bringing that into existence.

Empowering and uplifting the wearer is core to our brand’s DNA. I design beautiful pieces that cater to the joy of fashion, individual expression and deliver the power of good style. Every customer tells me that they never regret buying a piece and they look forward to adding to their JB collection. JENNY BIRD pieces are primarily made with a lightweight brass base, which allows them to live comfortably on your body. From effortless foldover clasps to closures that swivel, our jewelry is as easy to wear as it is beautiful. 

But it goes beyond that—JENNY BIRD is a community where every purchase matters; where every single piece sold gives back. So just as the piece uplifts you when you wear it, your purchase will also uplift someone else. We direct 1% of all sales to organizations that uplift women from our fund, the Possibilities Project. 


Jenny Bird wears the Gold-Tone Nouveaux Puff Earrings


3. Any favorite pieces you’ve been wearing lately? 

I’ve been wearing my favorite comfy and chic Jenny Bird go-to pieces lately. The Priya Snake Chain is our best selling chain of all time and is perfect for an everyday style. This piece is equal parts slinky and statement-making, with a herringbone chain that was born for layering—but has enough impact to be worn on its own. 

For statement-making moments, I love our Nouveaux Puff Earrings. These voluminous, sculptural earrings have been worn by celebrities including Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell and Ellen Pompeo.


Priya Snake Chain Necklace


4. A few words regarding your collaboration with Tanzire. 

Tanzire’s community-building approach aligns with my own at JENNY BIRD. I admire female-owned businesses supporting other female-owned businesses. My own team is 99% female and we have an all–female Senior Leadership team at JENNY BIRD. 


5. Lastly, who is a female entrepreneur who’s inspired you? 

I’m inspired by other women who are living parallel lives, building brands they believe in and creating a beautiful life balance. Someone with a genuine connection to her business is Claire Vivier, creator and designer of Claire V. She is philanthropic-focused and design driven, growing both a business while raising a family. Throughout the growth of her brand, she has kept the magic of a boutique brand.


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