Our Story

Our philosophy is rooted in championing sustainability and blurring the borders for jewelry as its best comes across when it flows wildly from one country to another!

Tanzire was a dream born of its Founder and Creative Director, Suhani Batwara's desire to bring different cultures' experiences to people through jewelry. Established in 2019, Tanzire is a platform for women artisans from all around the globe to share their handcrafted art with the world on their terms

Each piece of our designers' wearable art tells the story of their hustles, unrelenting passion, and hard-earned achievements. We aim to be a medium of narrating this story from one country to another, from an artisan to the consumer, from one woman to another

These stories instill a sense of camaraderie and community amongst the women who don these pieces, becoming a part of their individuality and self-expression. Our modern minimalist jewelry not only empowers its artisans but the customers as well.

Along with our artisans, we aim to bring women the highest quality of handmade and sustainable contemporary everyday jewelry designs that they can wear anywhere, anytime.

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