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Gurl, it's time to be your own Valentine

And just like that Valentine’s Day 2019 is upon our head! Roses, chocolates, and ‘I love you’ cards have become the talk of the town, again. Ginormous teddy bears will soon find their way into multiple homes all over the globe. Restaurants will be booked out, and cab fares promise to rise throughout the day! Single or not, a bunch of us have definitely got over this specific shenanigan!

Well, if you’re saving Valentine’s Day to spend with yourself, you’ve come to the right place. I’d rather fib about having a date and save the day for myself, TBH! So, dedicate this day to love yourself and connect with the inner you. You could go for a solo meal, a library visit, a museum tour and of course shop! Speaking of shopping, we’ve got just the treat for you! Treat yourself to contemporary handmade jewelry from designers all over the world.

Statement Necklace

The 90s returned with the choker and, looks like they’re not going anywhere. Our 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Choker Necklace is all set to add some sass to your outfit. Inspired by the simplicity in Vietnamese culture, pair this geometric beauty with anything, from a evening gown to a top that shows off those collar bones!


Danglers Love

Timeless, yet modern, it’s time to bask in the glory of these Brass Pearl Dangler Earrings handmade in Honduras. No matter if you’re planning a fancy dinner or a fun night with your girls, these Pearl Dangler Earrings promise not to disappoint you.


Your Everyday Ring

With our monochrome, day to desk life, we often forget to appreciate colors. Make your every day exciting by pairing our all-new Saffron Midnight Blue Gold Plated Druzy Ring. With 925 sterling silver, you can choose your favorite band as well as the stone color. The rawness of the ring will take you by storm!


Just being classy 

Aaaand our hotseller award goes to, Laza Balbis! Made with unique and unusual materials such as rubber and iron, it’s a style-twist, to say the least! Inspired by the fluid as well as rigid forms, this one will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. Having been featured in Harper’s Bazaar October Edition recently, we’re sure that missing this beauty isn’t on your agenda!


Your new BFF

Shoot for the moon, and that’s exactly what we did. We don’t know about landing on the stars, but we definitely found the perfect Sterling Silver Hammered Earrings. Our jewelry designer from Honduras is busy getting you the best! So, go on and treat yourself with these moon-inspired beauties.

In the end, we’d just say, treat yourself to some handmade contemporary jewelry. In an empowering time such as this, Tanzire will come through and make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet. Did we mention that we ship free worldwide? Visit our Instagram store now and order your favorites!

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