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New York Fashion Week 2019: The Jewelry Trends That Are Hot

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New York Fashion Week may have been about colorful leather, animal prints, ruffled collars, and patchwork but there’s always room for some jewelry to shine through. From surprising maximalism to a switch in textiles and textures, let’s have a look at the biggest jewelry trends that New York Fashion Week Fall 2019 saw us through.

Statement Earrings

I love big earrings and I cannot lie! There’s something about massive chunks of earrings that play with textures. They are the best accessories to frame your face in a flattering manner, they go well with tousled, bed-head hair but also with a sleek do. You can literally infuse any era in your outfit that you wish with these. Together with ear cuffs, New York Fashion Week or NYFW Fall 2019 gave us major statement earrings goals by Christian Siriano and Badgley Mischka. Use your earrings power well by choosing ones that offer a pop of color, or introduce hardware in an otherwise plain outfit or simply add an element of surprise materials!


Crystal Jewelry
Diamonds are forever, but so are crystals if you know how to care for them. Bling dominated so many runways, but fret not if that’s not your game plan. We also witnessed crystals in geometric settings, with straights cuts and linear edges. Now you can bling out while staying true to your minimalist aesthetics. You can also opt for solo accessorizing like Zadig, that will also afford you a far cry from your usual, such as berets and brooches.
Texture – Textile Play
If there was ever a time to ditch the rules, it’s now. Make your jewelry closet your personal playground and watch the magic unfold! Play with textiles, textures, and materials such as shells, beads, and filigree like Ulla Johnson and Area. If you’re aren’t someone who’s prone to experiments, here’s a quick guide. While ping for dramatic textures such as these, ensure that the rest of your outfit is a cool monochrome, solid-hued or just lightly printed within the same color family. This will make certain that your jewelry retains the spotlight!
Chunky 80s
The 80s called, they said to have fun with the jewelry they sent! The chain motif that we so lovingly incorporated into everything after Versace introduced it as a print in 2018, has now stepped out of its confines. Chunky gold jewelry with choker chains, threaded chains, and beaded chains were used as accents in shows by Proenza Schouler, Zimmerman, and The Blonds. Whether you decide to stack ‘em up or go solo, this season is all about the bold and the beautiful!
The end of 2018 clearly was us saying goodbye to symmetry too! A trend that might not be for everyone but made its presence felt nonetheless was this one. Earrings turned into a solo accessory rather than something that came in a pair. Even if they did come in a pair, they were only bound thematically, with a vast difference in design. And sometimes, not even that! Either way, dip your toes into this one to bring about a hot change in your routine. Not just that, be prepared to look different from both the angles while getting a picture clicked!
Guest Appearance
If you are not prone to the flights of fancy that trends seem to take every couple of season, then here’s a quick note on what you should lay your money on! Hoops are still very much in trend, with slight variations including moon crescents, an addition of textures, dangling stones, and pearl accents. Unfinished and uncut stones by Tory Burch and Philip Lim also were a runway fixture! New York Fashion Week also offered a cornucopia of melted metal that looked futuristic in its manner; we are crushing on those Hellessy ones!

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