#ICOMEFIRST: A Jewelry Gift Guide For You

#ICOMEFIRST: A Jewelry Gift Guide For You

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the most importa love of all: self love ❤️ Introducing #ICOMEFIRST, a Valentine’s Day campaign where you put yourself first, and indulge in little luxuries like demi-fine jewelry—just because. 

The inspiration behind the campaign comes from the fact that there’s a lot of pressure from society to look, and love in a certain way. But fitting in is overrated, and why should you adhere to societal moulds when even your jewelry is handmade? So, here’s a curated gift guide from our favourite people, and how they say #ICOMEFIRST:


1. Megha Sharma from House of Mae treats herself with red lipstick and Netflix in bed.

Wearing our gorgeous Kira hoops and Stevie bracelet, Megha Sharma’s #ICOMEFIRST routine requires three things: a red lipstick, some stunning hoops and ice cream. With a big spoon in hand, the day is spent lounging in clothes and accessories that make her look good while prompting her body to feel good with some sweet, sugar lovin’ ice cream.



14k Gold Plated Florence Twin Hoop Earrings


14k Gold Plated Stevie Bangle



2. Parth Rathekar, the mind behind Mumbai’s beloved heart spotting series talks about just being

Donned in our brand new Jenny Bird Monogram necklace, with the Zodiac pendant and the gorgeous Stevie Bangle, Parth talks about how society has a picture-perfect idea of what a queer individual looks like and how difficult it can be to break out of that. But by accessorising with some new jewelry, learning how to enjoy their own company and buying themself some flowers, Parth says #ICOMEFIRST



14k Gold Plated Monogram Necklace - P


Multistone Leo Oval Pendant


14k Gold Plated Stevie Bangle 


3. Neelakshi’s go-to advice for self-expressions revolves around trusting your opinions and putting yourself first!

Sporting our gorgeous Zirconia Studded Gold Plated Coil Ring, Open Oval Ring in Silver Plating and Yui Pinky Ring, Neelakshi started off as a Management major who slowly made her name in the fashion industry because she believes in always saying #ICOMEFIRST. By listening to her own opinions, putting her mental health first and wearing whatever the hell she feels like—Neelakshi’s #ICOMEFIRST routine starts by actually prioritizing herself no matter what!



Zirconia Studded Gold Plated Coil Ring


Open Oval Ring in Silver Plating


Chunky Gold Plated Kaia Pinky Ring


At Tanzire, we believe in bold self-expression, and since buying something for yourself is self-affirmatory to the image you have created FOR yourself, we encourage you to say #icomefirst this Valentine’s Day— by gifting yourself, or a loved one some bold jewelry.


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