Our Top 5 Demi-Fine Jewelry Essentials For Spring

Our Top 5 Demi-Fine Jewelry Essentials For Spring

For many, spring is a time of renewal and a chance to reset everything, including how you dress. While shedding a few layers is inevitable, there’s always a little hesitancy about the shift into a new season— especially since fashion trends are evolving at the speed of light. 

One of the easiest way to revamp your wardrobe though, is to invest in some classic demi-fine jewelry essentials. From trendsetting gold cuff bracelets to rhodium silver hoops, here are our top five demi-fine jewelry essentials for spring: 


1. The Frida Khalo Statement Choker

Nothing says spring like flowers say spring. Printed floral fabrics may be out, but artistic flowery jewelry is still 100% in. Inspired by the abstract-art movement, the best thing about this statement choker is how lightweight, delicate and versatile it is. Pair it with a white formal shirt or a black cocktail dress, there are truly no limits to how you can style this.  

Handcrafted by Studio Metallurgy in India 


2. 18k Gold Plated Twiggy Cuff Bracelet

This season, we saw designers embrace prominent cuffs on the runway. Gold-plated sculptural cuffs are back in with their boldness, and this is one bandwagon that you must hop on to stay chic, en vogue and spring ready. Wear them as is, but don’t hesitate to mix and match bracelets; we suggest adding this Willow bracelet or Tennis bracelet to add a little dimension to your look. 

Handcrafted by Studio Metallurgy in India


3. Rhodium Silver Florence Twin Hoop Earrings

There are very few pieces as versatile as these silver-plated, lightweight demi-fine earrings. An inventive redefinition of the classic hoops, the demi-fine versions take inspiration from simple designs to create a sculptural piece that truly elevates the simplest spring sundress or shorts. Engineered by Jenny Bird in Canada, these silver-plated hoops are simply a must-have demi-fine accessory this spring. 

Handcrafted by Jenny Bird in Canada


4. Handmade Long Pearl Drop Earrings

Don’t have a piercing but still want to rock those danglers like everyone on the Oscars red carpet? We’ve got your back with these timeless demi-fine pearl danglers; handmade with Keshi pearls from the South Sea, nothing screams spring more than freshwater pearls and a tank top— a total no-brainer to add to your collection of demi-fine jewelry, if you ask us!

Handcrafted by Buccarello in Italy


5. 18k Gold Plated Yui Statement Ring 

Add a touch of golden glamour with this statement ring handcrafted in Paris. Since this season’s demi-fine jewelry trends have seen a shift from delicate to statement, minimal to maximalism— this demi-fine, gold-plated Yui ring is the ideal head-turner. Additionally, the ring works with any fit and stays timeless throughout changing trends so don’t be afraid to stack it up with other statement rings. 

Handcrafted by Inxsky in France


To learn how to style these, check out Tanzire on Instagram. 

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