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The Experts’ Guide to Demi-fine Jewelry

Fashion has evolved beyond just an aesthetic accessory and a symbol of status. It has become an expression of one’s deepest feelings, unexpressed emotions, values, and beliefs. Every woman’s style statement is unique, she seeks to buy minimal jewelry that voices her innermost thoughts and desires. And Tanzire, as a demi-fine jewelry marketplace, has always tried to bring people a memory, a story through its unique, handmade jewelry pieces crafted by artisans from around the world. 

To get a deeper insight into the world of demi-fine jewelry our team interviewed the editors and stylists of some of the biggest fashion magazines in India. They shared their personal style preferences and gave valuable insight into the meaning behind jewelry and fashion; to find out what they said, read on!

Q What is your signature jewelry style?


Zoha Castelino, Fashion Editor, Elle India“My dress-sense is pretty casual and essential so when it comes to jewelry, I think nothing beats layered necklaces and classic hoops. It allows for a basic look to be amped up instantaneously “

Q What are the jewelry style rules you live by?


Priyanka Kapadia Badani, Fashion Director, Vogue India, “For me, jewelry is an extension of my personality and mood for the day. It is so personal, the beauty of jewelry is that there are no rules, it’s never too much or too little. Over the years, I have started investing in vintage and unique pieces of handmade jewelry designs; mostly fine or demi-fine jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry I own reminds me of special people, places, and moments and it’s the best way to create your own unique jewelry collection; I purchase demi-fine jewelry to celebrate each and every milestone in life.”

Q Beyond aesthetics, what, in your opinion, could jewelry stand for?


Akanksha Kamath, Fashion Features Editor, Vogue India, “Jewelry says so much about a person; Is it bold and gold? Or more nomadic and steeped in spiritual symbols? Ultimately, jewelry is a kind of character study. And as a storyteller, I could just watch and learn so much.”

Q When it comes to the world of jewelry styling and fashion, what changes do you wish to see in the future?


Supriya Dravid, Former Editor-in-Chief, Elle India, “I think we all need some amount of hope and joy in our lives, more so now than ever. I'd love to see minimal jewelry that allows us to indulge our quirky side, and have a little fun. There is great happiness in dressing up for yourself and jewelry, small or big, statement or heirloom, should tell a story that will build on old memories and help create new ones.”

In a world where rules and regulations govern your every move, let’s break some and find our own expression through jewelry. 

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