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The Minimalist’s Jewelry Guide to 2021 fashion trends

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Each decade introduces its own signature looks. The 90s bestowed us with denim overalls and tattoo chokers. The 2000s saw classic hoop earrings and skinny jeans taking the fashion world by storm and in the last decade, we embraced chain-link jewelry and midi lengths with unhinged vigor and enthusiasm.  

Along with modern contemporary jewelry, the last decade also saw a rise in minimal jewelry trends. Easy to wear, these simple yet artistic designs caught everyone’s attention in the past few years. The beauty of ‘less is more’ is rising in popularity with each passing year, so much so that demi-fine minimal jewelry is predicted to dominate the 2021 fashion trends as well.


Delicate Links

Chain links stole our hearts in the past decade, and continue to do so in this one as well. The sleek locks and oversized links have grasped every fashionista’s attention and admiration. Take these link chain earrings, for example, exquisite in their design these earrings can be styled in any way. The links can be easily detached and reattached to create the look that you wish for. Or these statement-making chain-link necklaces, sleek in their design, these unique pieces are the epitome of everything we love about chain link jewelry and the 2021 fashion trends. 



A touch of pearl


Be it any year, any decade, pearls never go out of style. Their look may change, the design may differ and change according to the times, but the love that we have for pearls never fades. From being exclusive and classic, pearls have now also entered the category of chic and contemporary everyday wear. Studded in a contemporary minimal ring from Paris or strung on a statement chain link anklet, pearls have sure come a long way and are all set to make waves in 2021 fashion trends. 







Fashion trends are all about breaking old norms and trying something new. We look for symmetry and patterns in almost everything in life, from nature to science, we look for similarities and trends. But when it comes to fashion, we are not governed by these rules, where symmetry in life gives a sense of comfort, asymmetry in fashion gives us a sense of freedom and joy. Like these initial asymmetrical earrings where one a multi-stone studded letter dangles from one earring while the other one is a minimal, classic hoop. Or the seemingly tangled yet strikingly beautiful coin ring studded with alluring white zirconia's, giving this ring an almost ethereal look. Asymmetrical jewelry has garnered more and more love and admiration over the past few years, and for very good reasons.



Silver Streak


The term ‘silver’ has been associated with luxury for ages now, like the phrase ‘born with a silver spoon.’ High-quality sterling and rhodium silver jewelry give an air of class and sophistication that all fashion lovers admire. Pieces like the silver-plated coin choker necklace create a statement look that compliments the cosmopolitan style of modern women. And the dainty silver plated ear cuff that creates a perfect harmony between classic and contemporary, a perfect piece for your everyday luxury.



2021 is all set to be the year to look out for new trends in demi-fine jewelry. But along with that, it is also reviving classic styles through state-of-the-art technology and minimal contemporary designs. It is definitely the year packed with fashion goodies that none of us want to miss out on.

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