Behind The Scenes

Take a closer look at the world behind the jewelry

The Craft

Our jewelry artisans marry the local ethnic craft and modern techniques of their country with unique, contemporary designs to create the perfect collection for everyday luxury. Sasivimol Chaidaroon, the founder of La Jewelry from Thailand uses hand blown glass technique to craft smooth glass orbs for her jewelry. Whereas our designer from Spain, Marian Zaragoza, founder of Maramz uses PVD treatment to layer thin layers of 18k gold plating on her pieces. And Hila Amar, founder of Yoster in Israel uses the cutting edge 3D printing techniques to create clay and brass moulds for her contemporary designs.


We are an eco-conscious brand and collaborate with designers whose principles align with ours. Using materials like stainless steel, recycled brass, and ethically sourced raw materials these artisans minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing design creativity and uniqueness.

Women Empowerment

From the Massai women of Kenya to the craftswomen in India, each piece of handcrafted jewelry bought from Tanzire empowers a group of hardworking women hustling to create these works of art.