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6 Things The Bold Type Taught Us About Demi-Fine Jewelry

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Sutton, Jane, and Kat, the famous trio of The Bold Type have been giving us friendship goals since 2017 and we love them! Though their lives might seem a little bit unrealistic (it’s a show after all) their jewelry fashion and trends are on-point and highly relatable. From demi-fine statement pieces to minimal jewelry, every female character in this show has made her mark with her own unique style.

So, let’s dive into some of the trendiest demi-fine jewelry styles and looks that our favorite characters have sported over the years and what we can adapt from them.


 1. Let The Chains Do The Talking


Katie Stevens as Joan Sloan from The Bold Type wearing chain link earrings


One look at Jane Sloan in The Bold Type is enough to let you know that she is a force to be reckoned with. And a major part of that is her style, statement yet minimal, Sloan has rocked chain-link jewelry like no other. From chunky to dainty, her chain link earrings and necklaces have a separate following of their own.



Detachable Chain Link Gold Earrings


 Detachable Chain Link Gold Earrings


 2. Boho Tassels With Power Outfits Are A Rage 


Aisha Dee as Kat Edison from The Bold Type wearing Tassel Earrings


We love Kat Edison, her outspoken yet fun-loving character charmed each and everyone of us. Her fashion style is no less, showing us a wide range of demi-fine jewelry coupled with a variety of outfits, she gave us true style goals. Making tassel earrings a part of her power-outfit was a particularly impressive feat; she has made us rethink bohemian style. 


Mink & Dusty Pink Crochet Disc Tassel Earrings

Mink & Dusty Pink Crochet Disc Tassel Earrings

 3. You Can Never Go Wrong With Hoops


The Bold Type Trio Kat Edison wearing oversize hoop earrings


Our beloved Kat’s at it again, this time giving us major hoop goals. Hoops have been a huge part of The Bold Type accessories since season 1. Every style and every look is different, every design unique. From a casual to professional, these ladies alleviated hoop earrings to bold new heights. 



Handmade Gold Vermeil Looping Hoop Dangle Earrings


 Gold Vermeil Hoop Dangle Earrings

 4. Oomph Out Them Layers


The Bold Type Character wearing layered necklaces


The layering game of The Bold Type characters was strong! From chain links to herringbone chains to coin pendant necklaces, they mix-matched different styles of necklaces so perfectly that we couldn’t help but try and recreate their looks whenever possible. 



Handmade Gold Plated Personalized Initial Pendant Necklace Layered with Lock Pendant Necklace


Lock Pendant Necklace

 5. Choker Necklaces Are Here To Stay


The Bold Type Character Kat Edison Wearing Gold Plated Choker Necklace


Let’s admit it, chokers never really went out of fashion, they just evolved in style. And these ladies from The Bold Type have proved that time and time again. From rocking a 90’s style black band collars to the contemporary paper-clip chokers, they effortlessly created some of the most iconic looks from the series. 



Handmade Gold Vermeil Plated Double Layer Choker Necklace


 Double Layer Choker Necklace

6. More Power To Stackable Chunky Bracelets 


Melora Hardin as Jacqueline Carlyle from The Bold Type wearing statement-making stack bangles


Jacqueline Carlyle, the confident and fearless character is a mentor and a leader every girl aspires to be. Her style and accessories resonated her inner fierceness and strength. The statement jewelry pieces she wore set her apart from the crowd from the moment she stepped in. Her signature accessory, stackable bracelets especially stood out throughout the series and had fashionistas swooning over statement wrist-wears all around the world.



Handmade and Minimal stack of Bangle Bracelets from Kenya


Gazi Inlay Brass Bangle Bracelet

The Bold Type has given each of us some of the most memorable and iconic demi-fine jewelry looks over the years and with the new season coming up, we can’t wait to be inspired for more.


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