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6 times Taylor Swift songs gave us major jewelry goals

Taylor Swift has gone from being a simple country girl to becoming a global phenomenon. She is not just an extremely talented songwriter but also a diligent businesswoman whose style outshines everyone. Slowly but surely Taylor Swift has become a fashion icon to millions of girls from every generation, and it only keeps getting better. 

It’s not just her red carpet looks and magazine covers, she flaunts her style statement in her music videos as well. From donning dangle earrings to introducing us to the hoops culture, she has nailed each and every look in all her songs. In this blog, we will revisit the most popular Taylor Swift songs and take a deep dive into her iconic looks.


1. You Belong with me - From a simple next-door girl pining for her best friend to the diva who steals the prom Taylor swift has made a whole generation swoon over this song. Her white dress has been etched into everyone’s mind, so are the dangling crystal earrings. Sophisticated yet bold earrings complete her entire look with style and ease and continue to inspire countless prom looks for teenagers even today.


Taylor Swift in statement earrings in You Belong with Me

The Prom Night Princess in You Belong with Me


2. Love story -  This retelling of the classic Romeo Juliet story has us all hooked in our teenage years. The girl from the college ensemble looks so glamorous with that simple minimal key pendant strung on an elegant chain. And that dreamy off-shoulder dress with that sophisticated golden statement layering necklace became every teenager’s favorite princess look. Elegant, statement and layering necklaces such as this still trend at formal parties and dances, even after a whole decade, it’s beauty and charm are timeless.


Taylor Swift’s iconic balcony look from her song Love Story

Juliet Waiting for Her Romeo in Love Story 


3. Blank Space - This Taylor Swift song rings so true for so many people, yet it has a class of its own. Throughout the song, she can be seen sporting striking minimal jewelry with her beautiful outfits. Minimal studs and dangle earrings, though popular at that time, have made their way back into fashion with a bang. Studs are so dynamic that apart from being everyday wear they can also up the style factor of every party ensemble. And dangle earrings never fail to add glamour and class to our dresses and gowns with utmost grace and finesse.


Taylor Swift sporting dangle earrings in her song Blank Space

Different Shades of Taylor in Blank Space


4. Wildest Dreams - That song we used to watch repeatedly to gaze at Hollywood’s heartthrob Scott Eastwood with Taylor Swift. Along with major boyfriend goals, this song gave us some iconic Taylor Swift looks too. The minimal choker necklace she wears during the final premiere scene glams up the whole outfit with ease. Minimal statement choker necklaces, though may not have been too popular at that time, are all the rage today amongst Instagrammers and bloggers.


Taylor Swift’s Iconic Red Carpet Look From Her Song Wildest Dreams

Red Carpet Ready in Her Wildest Dreams  


5. Our song - Taylor Swift songs, no matter how hip and fantastical, always have an element of relatability to them, just like this one. It didn’t just give us relationship goals but also major jewelry inspiration as well. She rocked oversized hoop earrings with different ensembles and completely owned her every look. And even after an entire decade, hoops are the most go-to-earrings for every jewelry lover.


Taylor Swift Sporting Minimal Hoops in the Music Video of Our Song

Giving Us Relationship Goals Through Our Song


6. Look What you made me do - This song had people talking for months, Taylor Swift broke out of her old image and redefined herself through this number. Talking about her jewelry, she donned some bold and chunky jewelry for this one. She sported almost all the ranging trends in this video, from statement chokers to chunky rings, to classy hoop earrings. It was every fashion Instagrammer’s feed curated into one amazing song.


Taylor Swift in Red Dress with Choker in Look What You Made Me Do

Breaking All the Rules With Look What You Made Me Do


Taylor Swift has always created magic with her songs and music videos. Almost every video has a hidden meaning behind it and hides a deep emotion that she feels. Her songs have shaped an entire generation of girls and empowered them to speak their truth unabashedly. And in her latest song Cardigan from the album Folklore, she yet again manages to look almost ethereal in a plain white gown.

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