All about Pride Month & Genderfluid Jewelry with Aman Pal

All about Pride Month & Genderfluid Jewelry with Aman Pal

When talking about gender-fluid fashion and jewelry, Aman’s name pops into our heads first. He has been a flag bearer for fashion neutrality. His style and sensibility have come a long way and he’s paved the path for several others. Aman is a model, content creator, and aspiring actor. He has been very vocal about his sexual orientation and owns it with pride. He has been an exceptional model for genderfluid fashion and has been lauded by the industry with praise and appreciation pouring in from all spheres. His has been featured on cosmopolitan, homegrown, gaysifamily and on some newspapers like The Telegraph. 

Aman sat down with us and expressed his views on gender-fluid fashion, his jewelry staples, and how his style is a personal expression of how he feels.


Name a few global brands from Tanzire that suit your style preferences.

Tanzire has quite a few brands that always stand out but my favorites from Tanzire would be PD Paola, AJ & Co., Bazi Jewels. I really like the pieces they have and I think they go very well with my style.




Your thoughts on gender-fluid jewelry and the fashion community?

I think fashion is beyond gender and so is jewelry. I believe gender-fluid jewelry is very empowering for the fashion community. It allows you to make a statement and express yourself freely.




Do you think fashion is one of the ways for you to express yourself and your identity?

Fashion to me is a very important tool or medium through which I can express myself. It is a form of storytelling for me. I guess I express myself much better with my style and how I carry myself.



What does Pride mean to you?

Pride to me is all about accepting yourself, owning yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about being yourself unapologetically and being comfortable with yourself. It’s also about celebrating how far we have come as a community.



What are the upcoming trends in jewelry that made you want to experiment more and have fun styling it? Any styling tips?

The upcoming trend I am seeing is that a lot of sustainable brands are coming up. And I really love pearls, I love gold-plated jewelry. I love demi-fine jewelry. I would love the focus to go on my jewelry so, I style it with a minimal outfit, something basic. If I am trying to focus on my jewelry, I make it point to keep my outfit styling very minimal.

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