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Demi Fine Jewelry: The Current Jewelry Buzzword You Need To Know

There comes a time in every girl’s life when Cubic Zirconia, pleated alloys and faux crystals just doesn’t cut it! You will typically enter this phase around your late twenties, when fashion jewelry seems to lose its charm. It starts to feel too machine made, mass consumed and even (sometimes) gaudily designed.

For every woman on the cusp of this dilemma, the market has widened. A magic portal has opened that promises exclusive designs that are (surprise!) pocket friendly. If you ever questioned the existence of affordable luxury, now is the time to shirk off your doubts!


The perfect combination of fashion and fine jewelry, demi fine jewelry is the new IT thing in town. Usually plated with gold, silver or sometimes infused with these alloys, demi-fine jewelry may also note the presence of semi precious stones, druzy stones and rhodium to turn it a beautiful rose gold hue.

What about the designs you say? Well, because it is not entirely precious, the designs are not overtly traditional or old-world. Isn’t that brilliant news for us millennials? I know I am tired of leaves, flowers and peacocks yellowy gold! The designs are modern and minimal, yet whimsical and timeless. While perfect for women above their mid-twenties, you also need to beware of this jewelry’s addictive nature.


Historically if you want to know when Demi Fine jewelry as a concept came about, it was sometime in 2016. A trend that’s not too old, yet not excessively popular, it’s the perfect time to piggyback on this wagon!

The investment associated with this item is another element that will have your purse strings sighing with relief!

But wait! We haven’t even reached the best part about it yet! Customisation. That’s right, with the kind of variety in the market, you can literally choose the extent of how fine you want your demi-fine jewelry to be. From basic plating to getting jewelry made in 14k gold, you can decide where it is you want to pause.

The other best bits about demi fine jewelry? It’s unique! More often than not, because of the customisation involved in this, the jewelry is handcrafted, whilst supporting a designer or an artisan’s vision. This means that it’s the closest thing to wearable art you can lay your hands on.


Demi fines are all about mixing and matching, combining elements, textures and concept, and stacking them up. Demi fines come in the form of necklace chains, pendants, earrings, body jewellery, rings, midi rings, dainty bracelets and anklets.

They are also ideal as everyday or office wear accessories. The colours, patterns, exquisite craftsmanship, the affordable price points and the constant experimentation and innovation, have truly got us hooked onto this one! Youthful and joyous, with a wide price range makes demi fine the ideal gifting option, not just to yourself but also to the ladies in your life.


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