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Exclusive Jewelry Rakhi Gifts for Your Sister Based on her Personality

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Jewelry is one of the best gifts to give to express your love and affection towards someone. And when it comes to an occasion as cheery as Raksha Badhan, it easily tops the charts. It is the day when the eternal bond between siblings is glorified and celebrated throughout the country. 

It is no more just a celebration of the bond between a brother and a sister, but sisterly bonds are also being observed and revered by families. So, based on your sister’s unique personality and style, and to make it this rakhi gift extra special for her, we present to you Tanzire’s exclusive selection of handcrafted and minimal jewelry pieces; a gift that will brighten up her day. 

For the sophisticated One: You may tease incessantly and call each other names, but when it comes to showing how much you truly love her, give her a gift that she will forever cherish. For your sister who likes delicate things that are classy and cultured, we have a unique line of minimal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, that will make her day, for sure. Sustainable and mindful, these elegant pieces are handcrafted in Spain from stainless steel and sterling silver and designed with love and precision to reflect your sister’s sophisticated style.



For the competitive One: The best part of having a sibling is that you get to pull each other’s leg whenever you wish to. But when it comes to looking for a rakhi gift for your sister, you want to present her with something special and unique. To complement her competitive, fierce self, gift her a pair of statement gold plated eclipse earrings, handmade in Spain, and inspired by the relentless courage and perseverance of a woman. Let her stand out from the crowd with the Indian handcrafted knotted cotton cords statement necklace or elliptical ocean ring.



For the adventurous One 

Life is a wonderful journey and when you have a sister by your side, it becomes all the more exciting and adventurous. So, as a rakhi gift for a sister that is full of wonder and exhilaration, bless her with good fortune and luck with the gold plated evil eye ring, handcrafted in Hong Kong. Inspired by a woman’s fearless soul and her vigor, gift her sturdy and long-lasting minimal jewelry like the gold plated Aria hoop earrings and crescent hoop earrings, handmade in Spain and Morocco, respectively. They are the pieces that would accompany her on her travels without tarnish and getting worn out. 



For the ultra-feminine One 

Witness her face light up when you’ll gift her with something that is handcrafted to perfectly suit her personality and style. Well, don’t worry, this is where we come in. From the gold plated cyclone ring to the personalized letter pendant intricately studded with semi-precious stones, both designed and crafted in Spain, gift her the jewelry that embraces her femininity and celebrates her grace and elegance.



For the non conformist one

Rakhi is the perfect time to treat and pamper your sister and let her know how much you love every shade of hers. So give her a rakhi gift that is as free and unique as she is, like a pair of personalized asymmetric letter earrings, handcrafted in Spain they are delicately studded with beautiful semi-precious stones. Gift her a piece of minimal jewelry that celebrates her individuality like the diagonal cuff bracelet plated with 18k gold from Spain or the eccentric pyramid earrings handmade from ebony wood in India.


The best thing about these rakhi gifts for sisters is that they are all available online and can be shipped within the country and overseas as well without hassle. So, go ahead, gift your sister something special and unique to who she is, trust us, she will cherish it, and value it forever.

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