Gigi Hadid's Iconic Hoop Earrings

Gigi Hadid's Iconic Hoop Earrings

The duality of Gigi Hadid is one of the most iconic things about her. Effortlessly switching between a global supermodel to a young mom beyond the limelight—- her expansive style expertise ranges from opulent to classic. 

And as India went GAGA over GIGI’s luxurious looks on the opening nights of the NMACC, we though we’d focus more on her most beloved, understated accessory: the infamous Hoop Earrings. 


Classic Gold



 A forever fav, you can never go wrong with Gigi’s bold red lip and a pair of simple, gold hoops - the perfect combination for a sophisticated and chic look. Replicate her iconic look with these demi-fine 14k Gold Plated Icon Hoop Earrings by Jenny Bird in Canada. 


14k Gold Plated Icon Hoop Earrings


Not So Classic Sliver



Maybe not an essential but silver hoops can go from boho chic to edgy glam, since they’re versatile enough to complement any style and occasion. A look to be replicated, especially if you have cool undertones, try out our demi-fine look alikes— the Rhodium Silver Slim Doune Hoop Earrings, by Jenny Bird, handcrafted in Canada. 


Rhodium Silver Slim Doune Hoop Earrings


Diamond Hoops 



No questions asked, this was a great look on Gigi! We’ve got your back with a few demi-fine white zirconia hoops that are sure to add a touch of quiet luxury to your fit. These demi-fine Sterling Silver Pave Mini Hoop Earrings by Adina Eden, and a sleek bun are always an A1 effortless look when you just don’t feel like dressing up.


Sterling Silver Pave Mini Hoop Earrings


Hoop Huggies



We’ve all heard the saying, “bigger the hoop…” but one of the most understated type of hoops are huggies. Their elegant simplicity always tends to adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Replicate this look with our demi-fine 14k Gold Plated Teeni Toni Huggies by Jenny Bird in Canada (did you know she’s been called the Queen of Hoops for her quality craftsmanship? Shop her collection on Tanzire here.)


14k Gold Plated Teeni Toni Huggies


Hoops Reimagined



If you’re looking for an easy way to add some flair to your casual wardrobe invest in demi-fine hoops that are a little out of the ordinary. Handcrafted in India by Anatina, these 18K Gold Plated Valeria Hoops With Pearls earrings are an absolute head turner. 


18K Gold Plated Valeria Hoops With Pearls


As a fashion icon and one of the frontrunners in the industry, Gigi Hadid has proven time and time again that hoop earrings are the ultimate accessory for any occasion. So, whether you're heading to a red carpet event or just out for a casual day, take a cue from Gigi and rock those demi-fine hoops with confidence!


For more tips on styling them, check out our instagram here.


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