In Conversation With London-based jewelry designer Sharan Chima on Cross-Cultural Handcrafted Jewelry

In Conversation With London-based jewelry designer Sharan Chima on Cross-Cultural Handcrafted Jewelry

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The only way forward to make your jewels look modern but with a rustic edge to it is by having a collection replete with classics. Hoop Earrings are the must-have staples in our everyday lookbook that can accentuate all our styles effortlessly. For aeons now we have been upgrading our hoops stock with the latest designs, but what if we told you we have some handcrafted beauties all the way from London waiting to get explored by you?

Our newest designer on the block - Sharan Chima is here with her London-based brand Bazi Jewels to make modern glamour look easy. Inspired by the Bazigar Tribe of India, Bazi Jewels is the product of rich cultural significance and historical opulence. The hoops collection has a layering of old-world charm craftily highlighted in its intricate detailing that’ll take your breath away. In conversation with the ace jewelry designer herself, Sharans spills the beans on all that inspired her along the way, her favourites from the statement hoops collection and her passion binding it all together


 The model is seen wearing the 22K Serenity Drop Gold Earrings and a statement golden necklace.

22K Serenity Drop Gold Earrings


1) What was the inspiration that led you to discover your passion for jewelry designing?

I wanted a creative outlet to express this dialogue between multicultural styles and influences that I and so many others relate to. I also wanted to create something that would follow a capsule wardrobe concept, where the collection transcends the latest trends. That’s where I decided on creating a jewelry line that is based on timeless affordable luxury pieces that would be investment pieces to add to your wardrobe.  


Founder of Bazi Jewels - Sharan Chima wears The Gold Shell Hoop Earrings and a golden link chain.

Founder of Bazi Jewels - Sharan Chima wears The Gold Shell Hoop Earrings and a golden link chain.


2) How did you make use of the cross-cultural exposure you've had to craft statement jewelry pieces?

In East Asian and Southeast Asian cultures, gold is both purchased for its admiration and perceived as an investment because of its value. There has been a long fascination with gold when you think back to early and modern civilizations and the significance of this precious metal. The jewelry collection is made of sterling silver with a 22 karat gold plating finish to give it that luxurious feel. The designs are a reflection of this cross-cultural exposure, featuring chunky gold necklaces, gold hoop earrings, and gemstones for their pop of color and the therapeutic properties they bring to the wearer. 

3) What are the sustainable measures taken by Bazi Jewels to craft statement jewelry pieces?

The collections are produced in limited runs only as all the jewels are handmade. Each collection released so far has a limited range to avoid overproduction and to encourage healthy consumption practices. I am looking to release a future collection using 100% recycled sterling silver and 100% recycled gold. 


The model wears the 22K Gold Plated Timeless Earrings and a Golden Link Chain Necklace.

22K Gold Plated Timeless Earrings


4) Share the kind of feminine appeal that your hoops collection is all about

You can see a variety of hoop earrings that range from chunky gold hoops for a nostalgic 90s gold vintage aesthetic like the dusk till dawn hoops, the gold bar, and the gold nugget earrings. In addition to more ethnic pieces like the elaichi hoops, the folklore, and folk tales earrings. There are also contemporary gold hoops focusing on their textured design concepts like the gold shell, the traveler's voyage, and the pearl hoop earrings.



5) Which is your favorite jewelry piece in this collection and how would you style it for an everyday look?

For an everyday look, I like wearing the honeycomb necklace which goes well with any outfit dressed up or down. The dusk till dawn earrings, which are chunky gold huggie hoops are an effortless look to pull off with literally any outfit. The bigger hoops are mid-sized and give a chic look to your style because of their size in addition to the intrinsic handcrafted detail on them. 


The model wears the 22K Gold Plated Timeless Earrings and layering golden chains featuring a beaded style and a link-chain aesthetic.

22K Gold Plated Timeless Earrings


6) A few words regarding your collaboration with Tanzire.

I am always looking to collaborate with like-minded businesses and people who are looking to grow and encourage preserving and maintaining the tradition of handmade jewelry and the craftsmanship of the artisans. This collaboration with Tanzire helps me as a designer to continue to design, work and support the tradesmen involved in making handmade jewelry as well as encouraging and showcasing independent designers.

7) How do you inculcate the concept of gender inclusivity in your jewelry designs?

I design jewelry based on the idea that jewelry can be worn by anyone. The jewelry features bold cuts as well as feminine styles that can appeal to both masculine and feminine styles and preferences of the wearer. Therefore it has a universal appeal and qualifies for a choice cut to accentuate all kinds of styles or whichever look you prefer.


Sharan Chima believes in making luxurious styles affordable with designs that make an impact. Her rich referencing of the cross-cultural melting pot that Bazi Jewels is all about makes this contemporary Hoop collection all the more enticing. By indulging in sustainable measures for these handcrafted demi-fine jewelry staples, she is also marching towards fashion done right and responsibly. Shop Bazi Jewels exclusively on Tanzire. 

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