Know Your Fit: The Ultimate Jewelry Size Guides To Demi-Fine Necklaces, Rings And Bracelets

Know Your Fit: The Ultimate Jewelry Size Guides To Demi-Fine Necklaces, Rings And Bracelets

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In the era of online shopping, there are still some of us who feel largely safe and therefore stick to offline shopping; whether it’s buying clothes, shoes, bags or jewelry for that matter. One of the main reasons for this is the issue of, *drumroll*, sizing. Now when it comes to clothes or shoes, it’s still fairly easy to pick the right fit but jewelry? Let’s face it, it’s as tricky and overwhelmingly daunting as it can get. But man, oh man, when you end up getting a luxurious, high-end piece that fits like a glove, the joy it brings is unparalleled! 

Ironically, there is such a thing as the perfect jewelry size guide that, for reasons unknown, isn’t as popular as it should be. Necklace length guide, ring and bracelet size guides, they all exist. And ten out of ten times they will help you dodge problems like resizing and exchanges when you’re shopping virtually. Does that sound like the ultimate solution to your problems or what?

No, no, don’t go looking for a size guide anywhere. Just scroll further below to learn how to measure your size correctly before investing in demi-fine items like necklaces, rings and bracelets. Oh and, thank us later!


Necklace Size Guide

The secret to creating the perfect layers around your neck is to pick varying but appropriate lengths. Even a single ill-fitting piece can ruin the overall charm of the look. If you’re unaware about how to pick the correct lengths, this easy-to-follow necklace length guide will sort you out!




Minimal Paperclip Chain Link Necklace by AJ & Co., Australia


Layered Nia Gold Chain Necklace by PD Paola, Spain


Bracelet Size Guide

You know that tiny scare you get when a bracelet just casually decides to slip out of your hand? Or on the flip side, the agony you experience when you accidentally buy a bracelet a size or two smaller? They’re real problems, aren’t they? The ones nodding to this, we understand you! But worry not because the next time you eye an arm candy you like, follow these steps to pick the right size to avoid these super avoidable problems. 

  1. Wrap a piece of thread around your wrist 
  2. Decide how tight you want the thread to be 
  3. Mark where the end meets and measure the length with a tape or a ruler.
  4. Choose your fit from the size chart below or the closest match to the length of your string. 



Minimal Bond Gold Lock Bracelet by PD Paola, Spain


 Minimal Pearl Drop Gold Bangle by Rose D' Melo Jewelry, Brazil


Ring Size Guide

How many times have you lost a precious ring without taking it off and realized it too late? Yes, we’ve floated in that boat as well. While this is scarily common, it ironically has the easiest solution. For those of you who do not know your ring sizes and would most definitely like to stop losing them every now and then, given below are two easy-peasy ring size guides to measure your fit. 


The Thread/Paper Method

  1. Wrap a piece of paper around the finger you want to measure
  2. Make sure it sits snug against your finger
  3. Now with a pencil/pen mark the spot where the ends of the paper meet
  4. With a ruler, measure the distance between both the ends (in mm)
  5. This will give you the circumference of your finger
  6. Use the ring size chart below to determine your fit

Note: You can also follow this method using a piece of thread as well. 

Measure an Existing Ring

  1. Get an existing ring that fits the finger perfectly you wish to measure
  2. Now, place that ring on a piece of paper
  3. Trace the internal diameter of the ring with a pencil/pen
  4. Next, measure the diameter with a scale (in mm)
  5. Use the following ring size chart to determine your fit


Gold Vermeil Chain Link Ring Band by AJ & Co., Australia


Gold Vermeil Thin Dome Croissant Ring by AJ & Co., Australia


And now onto the ones who want to go that extra mile of measuring their size but feel like it is too much of a task, we have something for your lazy but stylish self as well. Enter adjustable demi-fine jewelry. Tighten or loosen it as per your convenience but most importantly, never lose a piece of jewelry any more! Or give it a try at the least. 


18k Gold Plated Adjustable Bracelet by Maramz, Spain


Sleek Gold Plated Adjustable Dome Ring by INXSKY, France


Call us corny if you want but getting perfectly-fitted jewelry is equivalent to unmatched happiness! So here’s hoping these size guides will come in handy for you every time you go jewelry shopping. And a word of advice: don’t forget to save this piece for later! 


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