Sustainable Jewelry: The Rise of Ethical Fashion

Sustainable Jewelry: The Rise of Ethical Fashion

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When we think of sustainable fashion the first image to pop into our heads is of shoes or clothes made of recycled plastic or algae, and somewhere within that imagery of conscious styling, jewelry gets lost.  

On this World Environment Day, let’s take a look into the world of ethical jewelry and what it stands for. Sustainable jewelry is not just about using eco-friendly metals and gemstones, it holds deeper meaning and value to a brand and its customers. It is about supporting independent artists and craft, and uplifting a society as a whole. It also means being transparent about its manufacturing processes that have negligent to minimal negative impact on its surrounding environment. 

Ethical Handcrafting Practices for Sustainable Jewelry


We, at Tanzire, take deliberate and conscious steps towards making sure that we showcase sustainable handcrafted jewelry on our platform which is created by independent women artisans from around the world. 

Oh, and did we mention how versatile and unique the jewelry is?

Our Step Towards Sustainability 

Tanzire’s ethos lies in sustainability and being kinder to the planet. 

“Through Tanzire, I want to build the world’s most progressive, inclusive, and diverse home for demi-fine jewelry. A place to explore unique handcrafted jewelry, experience cultures, and be part of a community-driven zeitgeist that’s shaping a better future.” - Suhani Batwara, Founder and Creative Head.


Chunky Hand blown Glass Sphere Ring Handcrafted by La Jewelry

 Tanzire x La Jewelry - Hand-blown Glass Ring

We work with women artisans from the nooks and corners of the world who echo our beliefs and values. Coming from all walks of life these women imbibe their handcrafted jewelry with their unique aesthetics and stories. 

With every new artisan collaboration, we take the time to learn about their background, and try to ensure that they follow eco-conscious jewelry crafting techniques and use ethically sourced, sustainable raw materials.

Artisans like Audrey Migot-Adholla, founder of the brand Yala Jewellery, champion sustainability and women’s rights through their work. Audrey works with the Massai women of Kenya to create beautiful designs for their handcrafted jewelry using eco-conscious materials like recycled brass and beads. Collaborating with them reiterates our values and mission behind Tanzire and spreads the message of equality and sustainability amongst people. 


Behind the scenes of women handcrafting unique jewelry


Our sustainability efforts also extend to the product packaging and involve making use of recycled paper to create elegant product boxes to be shipped to the customers. 

Today’s consumer is conscious about the buying choices and its greater impact, and we strive each day to meet their sensibilities with our showcased handcrafted jewelry.

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