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This is What Fashion Experts Have to Say About Trends in 2020

According to The State of Fashion 2020 report, which is curated along with the Business of Fashion, one of the central lines around which the fashion world will revolve will be sustainability. It is going to be both — biggest opportunity and biggest challenge — for fashion in the year 2020 and the time forward. “Looking forward, we see more research into sustainable materials and technologies, as well as the circular economy. This should lead to a move beyond 2019’s focus on transparency toward real commitment,” the report authors said, according to Just Style.  

Karla Welch, one of the most powerful and sought-after celebrity stylists, agrees with it. As reported by InStyle, she said, "designers will collaborate on collective responsibility and sustainability,” as she also envisions a noncompetitive fashion environment that creates less — not more! 

For, fashion designer and entrepreneur, Emily Oberg, Androgyny and Sustainability are heading to be the defining points for fashion in the year 2020 and onwards. "I think the future of fashion is more about sustainably made products that are timeless. Also, more unisex focused products will be designed by women for both men and women,” she told Forbes.  She insists that we remove labels and just call fashion for everyone. She reasoned it with the apprehension of girls and boys of trying the counterpart’s fashion when it’s labeled, “For Women”, “For Men” respectively and a sense of confidence when labeled, “Unisex”.


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Well, the new year and new decade can surely be expected to be ruled by fashion that is a mixture of some major shifts and with some carry-forwards from the year 2019. Redefining “Perfection” is one of them. In the past few years in this decade, we’ve witnessed fashion getting more real and unmasking the age-old “perfect” and “within limits” beauty standards. And, going by Bollywood’s veteran designer, Manish Malhotra, “Unapologetically Myself” will be championed intensively in 2020 and onwards.

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As reported by Hindustan Times, Malhotra said, “I see fabulous energy in younger designers, who don’t fear to be true to themselves. They wear what they want to, and style and mix it up. What is phenomenal that I have seen in the past few years, that people are not afraid of being themselves, and that’s a big trend that’s going to rule next year. I hope that’s a trend forever.” So, 2020 can be the year where our hopes for a more real, norms-defying, and unabashed fashion world can come true. Where vanity gets a wider definition than just restricting to the stereotypical-eyes-pleasing work of art. 

Coming to patterns, prints, and designs, we’re rewinding it to the 60s and 70s. Don’t believe us? Let leading NYC-based celebrity stylist, Samantha Brown, walk you through this. She told Insider, “Prints and patterns from the 1970s are coming back — we're already seeing a nod to the decade in current fall-fashion trends with corduroy clothing and colors like mustard and burnt orange.” She added, “We will also see some late-1960s trends emerge, including crochet and retro florals."

Vintage-favorite hoops are not retiring anytime soon. Brown enlightens, "Hoops are here to stay, and 2020 will offer them in all shapes and sizes. From big and bold to twisted and tiny, all variations will be a fair game next year." She also revealed that sculptural jewelry like collar necklaces and bangles and crochet will also be in-demand in 2020.


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Co-founder of leading Indian jewelry brand Amrapali, Tarang Arora, on the other hand is expecting classic styles to be reinvented in 2020. He is asking us to expect interesting pop up of colors and motifs and witness a break from the “expected”. “Jewellery will feature strong and edgy motifs,” he told the Times of India as he added that jewelry will also be used in more than one form. 

Ending the experts’ view for 2020 with the timeless Anna Wintour’s vision 2020. She, in one of her weekly Vogue videos said, “(2020) will take 2019's pearl trend a step further, so feel free to swap your delicate pieces out for something bold and statement-making.” Hear, hear!


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Summing up, we can easily the year 2020 is gonna be a step toward conscious fashion. Sustainability, dire need of the moment, will slide into the fashion industry in a more powerful and effective way. Apart from which, trading darks for brights, balance between minimalism and maximalism, androgyny fashion, a lot more comebacks from the 60s and 70s are expected for fashion in 2020.

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