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What Would A Piscean Wear? Jewelry For The Fishy Sign!

We’ve officially entered the 12th sign of the zodiac and yes that means we’re moving from dark, bleak winters to the promise of spring! PISCES being a water sign epitomises this change. It prepares us for the beginning of spring thus having faith of light, love and life ahead. Their mission is to live for this goal, for the change that life is about to bring. A Piscean mind is a beautiful one, what kind of jewellery do you think they would be dreaming of? Here’s a small guide into their inner workings!

Pisceans are as gentle as they are artistic. I imagine their minds to be a serenading swoosh of calm waters. While they would love to explore newer designs and patterns and tune into their artsy side, they would do so in the most subtle of manners. Their jewelry too would be a nod to their wise, gentle sides. Imagine minimalist yet artsy underground styles that not many have seen the light of day, a style that is most near their current state of mind. These textured Silver Hoops, Statement Rings, the Blue hue and Resin Stone Bracelet look cool and just enough edgy!


The last water sign, Pisceans have a natural affinity towards water. They are also extremely musical, revealing their preferences quite early on. They love rhythmic motions, the ebb and the flow, the tranquility and the harmony that comes from being in complete sync with their surroundings or the people they love. They would love flowy, unstructured designs, unencumbered by boundaries, boxes or walls. They would not be huge fans of heavily geometric or linear jewelry and it’s best to avoid that if you’re gifting jewelry to a Piscean! This makes the Gold-plated Twisted Earrings, Humming Necklace and the Moon inspired Earrings perfect for gifting!


Unsurprisingly, a Piscean’s favourite colours revolve around the cool colour palette. They love the shades and tints after a heavy sunset and any colour that represents water bodies. Mauve, lilac, purple, violet, sea green are all top notch favourites of a woman born under this sign. So, if it’s colour your fishy woman is lusting after, these are the ones to opt for. Needless to say, being creators and artists themselves, they have great taste when it comes to choosing an accessory that represents their self. Choose crystals and beads for their healing power, agate stones and tassel earrings for an artsy exploration into jewelry you love!


Pisceans are incorrigible romantics. Which means short term relationships, spontaneous affairs of the heart are not much their cup of tea. They are loyal, gentle and generous partners who care a great deal about their significant others. Hence, choose jewelry that may have a deeper meaning. Shallow, superficial designs will be abhorred by a Piscean woman. This could mean minimalist, small shapes that represent love, life and everything in between, such as infinity pendants, ring pendants, and infinity ring bands!


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