An Influencer-Inspired Guide On Elevating Your Everyday OOTD With Demi-Fine Jewelry

An Influencer-Inspired Guide On Elevating Your Everyday OOTD With Demi-Fine Jewelry

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If you ask us, demi-fine jewelry is synonymous with happiness. Think about it, these unique, minimal designs that are either gold-plated or made from sterling silver; don’t they give you a feeling of understated opulence and can practically be called mood-lifters in other words? Everyone from Ariana Grande to Gigi Hadid to Masoom Minawala and more, your favorite influencers seem to agree and have been looking to these jewels to complete their #ootds for any and all occasions. And might we add, they’ve been serving looks we absolutely cannot get enough of. 

That’s why, we put together a mini handbook of all the best, influencer-inspired ways you can style demi-fine jewelry with your everyday looks along with similar accessories you can add to your cart today! 

Pro tip: keep your cards handy ‘cause you’re going to want them all!


  1. Level up with chain link accessories

Chain link jewelry has been a hit on the trend charts circa 2018. Their popularity lies in the fact that they’re effortlessly chic and supremely versatile. Whether you pick a single necklace or just a pair of earrings or both, to elevate your outfit, they’re neither going to look too less or too much. Here’s Su from House of Misu proving to you just that. 



Want to add to your existing collection? Here are our picks:

Woman in black dress wearing Minimal Paperclip Chain Link Necklace

Minimal Paperclip Chain Link Necklace


  1. Layering is the new cool 

Mixing and matching metals and gemstones, and playing around with pendants while layering necklaces is a surefire way of adding an edge to a basic outfit. Gigi Hadid’s look is a testament to that. Besides, layering jewelry just goes to show your supreme style skills and isn’t that a bonus point on any given day?



Here’s what you can layer with for all your off-duty looks:

Woman in a black blazer wearing Amour De Paris chainlink Choker Necklace

Amour De Paris Choker Necklace


  1. Quirky Rings & Evil Eye Bracelets are your BFFs

Trust chunky gold rings and delicate evil eye bracelets to introduce you as cool, classy and every bit sassy! The best part about accessorizing your hand with eye-catching jewelry is how easy yet fun it is. Let Shanaya Kapoor show you how it’s done!



Some jewels for you to gush over:

Woman in white sweater wearing Gold Plated Statement Pearl Chain Bracelet

Gold Plated Statement Pearl Chain Bracelet


  1. Nothing says luxe like pearl-drop earrings 

Much like hoops, pearl-drop earrings can be trusted to level up the oomph of a look—basic to OTT, blindly. Their fun, flirty and feminine vibe is all anyone needs on a mundane day to turn up the heat! If Ariana Grande is wearing them while getting vaccinated, rest assured, you can too! 



Here’s a pretty pair for you to don:

minimal, gold-plated pearl earrings

Twisted Pearl Hoop Huggies


  1. Charm bangles are always a good idea

Bangles or bracelets, they’re rightly termed charm arm candies because of their snazzy and delicate style. On days when your style sensibilities seem to have taken a backseat, throw on a set of charm bangles for a fail-safe fashion upgrade. They’ll complement just about any outfit and any mood flawlessly! 



Our picks for you:

Simple, gold and diamond, minimal locket bracelet

Minimal Bond Gold Lock Bracelet


  1. Chokers to turn up the party 

It’s no doubt that chokers are the perfect accessory you can use to channel your badass-ness. So wear them with your PJs as you work from home, a slouchy t-shirt with jeans or a pantsuit for that matter, they will always take your outfit and your mood up a notch. Let the Jenner sisters’ metallic chokers teach you that this accessory can be equal parts bold and cute! 



Similar picks we have in store for you:

Woman in a white blazer wearing Double Layer chainlink Choker Necklace

Double Layer Choker Necklace


If you haven’t already realized, stocking up on demi-fine jewelry is a sartorial investment, thanks to their versatility and ease of style. It’s a genre of jewelry one can trust on any given day, for any outfit and any occasion. So what are you waiting for? 

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