Best Jewelry Moments From The MTV VMAs & Met Gala 2021 You Need To Know

Best Jewelry Moments From The MTV VMAs & Met Gala 2021 You Need To Know

May 2021 quenched a prolonged thirst for high fashion this pandemic is responsible for. The MTV VMAs and the Met Gala 2021 happened one day apart, leaving the world with some of the most iconic red carpet looks. But no iconic look is ever really complete without a hint of sparkle, and the jewelry dominating the red carpet this season was, well, major. We spotted about 6 trends that ruled the red carpets that we think you should be taking note of. So without further adieu, let’s dive right into all that bling, shall we?  


From the looks of it, literally no person seems to escape from giving into the fad of hoops every once a while. No matter the shape, size, colour or the base, even the biggest of celebrities lean on this powerful accessory to complete their looks. You have Taraji Henson and Ayesha Curry to Normani and more channeling their love for hoops at the VMAs and Met Gala this year. The fate of hoops, therefore, seems sealed to us—they’re never going out of style. 







Danglers are what you turn to when your outfit calls for a bit of glam. In the case of red carpet looks though, danglers can further multiply the glamour of a look effortlessly. Don’t go by our words, look for yourself. Olivia Rodrigo to Eiza Gonzalez, Nicola Peltz and more will convince you that a good pair of dangling earrings is a long-time investment you’ll make. 







One of the best things about a good pair of studs is how much they can add to your look without taking up too much space. Whether you pick encrusted studs or simple pearls or geometrically-shaped numbers, you most definitely can never go wrong with this accessory. With all the jazz in Gigi Hadid’s and Winnie Harlow’s Met Gala look, sneaky studs turned out to be the perfect choice of jewelry for their outfits. Ciara agrees too! 






Chain link 

Were we surprised about spotting statement and minimalistic chain link pieces at the VMAs and the Met Gala? The answer is no. Chain link jewelry looks a lot like the kind that is here to stay, what with its continual top ranking on the trend charts. Although these events may have given you OTT chain link looks, in the real world, you can always rely on minimalistic designs to sort you out. 







Gone are the days when chokers meant strips of leather tightly hugging your neck. Celebrities today are giving a nod to this evergreen trend by lending a luxe touch to it by way of designs and its base. Diamante to studded to pendant additions, chokers were a big hit on the red carpets. From the likes of Anitta, Maisie Williams and Adut Akech and more, let this be your cue to embrace chokers in more ways than one. 






Stacked Bracelets

What’s the best way to say extra with a side of class? Stacked bracelets. When you’re confused about what jewelry to go with, a good hand stack is the choice you can make without much thought. This recently-concluded season of fashion had stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, Billy Porter and Addison Rae among others make a statement with eye-catching arm candies. 






Now that you’ve got your lowdown on jewelry trends that made waves at this year’s VMAs and Met Gala 2021, which one of them are you most keen to try on? Don’t forget to tell us your picks and favourite looks below!

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