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Things Nobody Told You About The Minimal Jewelry Trend

The minimal jewelry trend wave has hit the rock of the fashion world in the most beautiful way. We can literally go on and on about how it has filled the void between gaudy, maximal jewelry and extreme minimalism with perfection. The level of sophistication, flair, and a little spunk that contemporary minimal jewelry carries along with the effortless aesthetics can literally take any look up a notch.

Over the last few years, minimal jewelry has taken over ramps, streets, everyday looks, and seamlessly entered into every woman’s obsession-worthy collection of jewelry. Visual-appealing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are covered with gorgeous gold huggies, stackable rings, and layering necklaces pictures. So much so that those have become synonyms to the trend. While this visualization stays close to the trend’s popularity, it actually holds a lot more beneath the layers and beyond the effortless mix and match that the Pinterest-y and Instagram-y pictures don’t tell you about. We unfold them for you.


The Art of Stacking/Layering

As we have spoken previously, stacking of minimal jewelry is a playful experiment that lets you have fun with your creativity of mixing and matching but the effortless-looking amalgamation requires thought-processing. Or else, the fun can soon turn into a farrago. One thing to keep in mind before throwing in pieces together is to always prioritize quality over quantity. Do not pile up the pieces and also do not overdo with excessive stacking with necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings all together. Let one part do the talking at once.

Another rule to remember is to pair up wisely. Let there be a pattern to follow and let there be a balance of minimal and statement. Remember, the aesthetics of layering start to lose when its paired abruptly with no thought behind it.

Featuring Neatly Stacked Gold & Silver Hammered Rings alongside Minimal Hollow Silver RingDifferent Sized Polar Star Pendant Chains Layered Together

The Problem of Cloning

With gold chains, rings, and hoops all over the platter, the general vision for minimal jewelry trend is squeezed to layering coin pendant chains and basic stackable rings. The problem? Everything and everybody starts to look the same. There’s so much more in the minimal category that you need to explore more often. You can break the clutter and choose pieces that range from pearls to woods to subtle-statement-making pieces.

Tanzire is proud to house a wide range of meaningful minimal jewelry, handmade by women artisans from different parts of the world. They carry individualism, cultures of different countries and communities, and feature designs speaking stories of personal inspiration. Sure, stack all the golds and gold plated dainties but do own a piece that is different from the crowd.

Model wearing stainless steel long drop down necklace Model wearing ebony wood subtle-statement earrings


The Whimsical Celebration of the Negative Space

The minimal jewelry trend brought a change in perception in the contemporary jewelry world. The incorporation of negative space in the minimal designs promoted a more profound thought than just visual aesthetics. Negative space, holes or space in the design, is an appreciation of what’s not there. It’s about bringing a balance in the design and perspective by respecting both open space and metal. Cutting out from the materialistic and maximal point of view, minimal jewelry trend has brought attention and interest to pieces of jewelry that promote to seek beauty in what’s not there.

Model wearing hollow asymmetric pendant multi-chain necklacemodel wearing stainless steel link chain bracelet

Is there anything that you would like to tell us about the minimal jewelry trend? We’re all ears in the comment section below.

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